Increased Legendary Drop Rate Claptastic DLC?

So I’ve been playing Pre-Sequel a lot recently (within the last month or so) and I’ve gone through the Claptrap DLC twice now and each time I’ve gotten at least 2 legendary weapons at the start of the Cluster Pandora area. Has anyone else noticed if this area in particular or even the DLC itself has an increased Drop rate for legendary gear?

For Clarification, I ran through the DLC on the first playthrough and am currently going through it again right now on UVHM.

The drop rate is the same throughout the whole game, but the number of upper tier enemies that spawn seems higher than usual in that section, and they have a better chance to drop higher rarity items than the base level ones or random chests/boxes/etc.

So effectively, that would seem to be a yes! Still all RNG dependent though, so you’ll likely have runs that aren’t as productive if you re-play with other characters.

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