Increased Legendary Drops ALL PLATFORMS Till April 7th

Looks like GB has kicked it up a notch and there are several reports of increased drops from the game.


Credit to JenetteJones for posing in another thread.


anybody checked it out yet? is there a significant difference?

also, does it work for the DLC as well??

I just got a corrosive Fusilade from a random turret, and have seen 3 vendor legendarys today. So, yeah, definately a significant increase.

Seems to be true. Though I religiously check vending machines in the first place, I bought legendary mods both today and yesterday. I fought Nel 7 times and he dropped 4 Skullmashers.

i am running the Claptastic DLC at the moment, i’d be curious if the Drops are really better there. have yet to see a DLC legendary…

They could make DLC legendaries moonstone grindable instead -_-

Yes! More chance on getting the Flayer. Or nay other legendary I still want for that matter.

well i can’t see any difference. was running the Cluster Pandora and Cluster Overlook map now a dozen times. no better Drops or better chest loot. a glitched weapon every 4 or 5 glitched chests, thats it. but i was suprised that you can get glitched weapons from non-glitched chests now.

1 legendary in the vendor, a Deadly Bloom. but vendor legenaries are frequent anyways.

excuse me for being off topic, what drops in Cluster Pandora? In Overlook, only the earworm and the denial subroutine come to mind.
So far I’ve got 1 omni cannon from a couple subconscious runs.

Teh Earworm drops the Longest Yard, the Badass Insecurity Claptraps have a chance at dropping the Fusillade but I have no idea what Denial drops.

i ran the Cluster Pandora map for possible Badass drops and the 5 chests which are fairly easy to get to.

Omni Cannon from whom in Subconscious ?
i’m running Subconcious now.

sponx -> omni cannon
hope & self-esteem doggies -> thunderfire and meganade
Denial Sub -> guaranteed glitch

anyone noticed the increased drop rate?

I have with the grinder…not with bosses…