Increased Legendary Drops?

Now i know its all down to RNG for legendary and pearlscent drops but my luck today on borderlands 2 is the best it has ever been and ive been playing since the game first came out on PS3.

Ive been running the wildlife exploitation reserve for the legedary loot midgets and mothrakk. Bear in mind that i have ran this route for years. These were my first 3 runs off the day!

First run i get a storm out of a red chest which was a very good drop.

Then the second run i got another storm and also a volcano from red chests.

Third run i then got a bitch and a legendary berserker class mod from loot midgets and a gub from the red chest in that room. To top it off, mothrakk dropped the skullmasher.

Are gearbox messing with the drop rates again or is this just pure luck, in all of my years in borderlands 2, this has never happened. Just wanted to share this with the forum to see if anybody else is having crazy luck with farming today.

I also want to add that on my second run, a legendary loot midget spawned from one of the pink objects when i uppercutted it :smiley: I have never seen that either.

If you want to play borderlands or want the spare OP8 storm, my PSN ID is Mini_Holmesy

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Just had the Legendary gods on your side.


Yeah I think just extremely lucky :grinning: Every time I do the wildlife run I just get relics if anything. Envious!

Was farming it yesterday and i was just getting relics everytime as well, gear dropping through the floor at son of mothrakks area :frowning: then this happened. Persistence pays off lol.

When I.have been farming I have been able to get a legendary drop in about 5 or 6 times. The harold and Infiniti to be specific.

However I could not get the bitch to drop after about 30 tries against The Bunker. Of all the years I’ve owned and played this game I’ve only been able to get this weapon to drop once.

The bunker is so stingy at dropping the bitch, i cant recall getting a bitch from the bunker i always seem to get them from marcus’s train and loot midgets.