Increased level cap?

As I saw on another post, apparantly they said in the BL show that the increased level cap would be a long way to go, probably after all the dlcs are finished. Would the increased level cap in the future become a paid dlc? and if so then do people with the season pass get it for free or not because the season pass only indicates 4 campain dlcs.

The games in the past have been different. For BL1 the level cap was with the DLC. But there was no season pass for BL1. BL2 the season pass didn’t include the level cap or head Hunter dlc. You had to buy them separately. TPS I don’t know because I didn’t play it until the Handsome collection.

They might include it like BL1. Or they might not like BL2.

Quite frankly, I wouldn’t mind if we had a level cap raise with EVERY new DLC campaign. (Similar to what Blizzard do with each expansion of WoW, but preferably not so tight-fisted.)

In any case, I can only hope we (eventually) see a higher max level cap in BL3 (by the last DLC campaign) than what we had in BL2.

Oh, and here’s a recap on the level cap raises for the previous games:


  1. 50-61 (DLC3: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx)(+11)
  2. 50-58 (without DLC3) or 61-69 (with DLC3)(General update patch)(+8)

BL2 (Not including Overpower)

  1. 50-61 (UVHM pack 1)(+11)
  2. 50-61 (without UVHM pack 1); 61-72 (with UVHM pack 1)(UVHM pack 2: Digistruct Peak Challenge)(+11)
  3. 50-58 (without either UVHM pack); 61-69 (with 1 UVHM pack); 72-80 (with both UVHM packs)(DLC5: Captain Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary)(+8)


  1. 50-60 (UVHM pack 1: The Holodome Onslaught)(+10)
  2. 50-60 (without UVHM pack 1); 60-70 (with UVHM pack 1)(UVHM pack 2: Claptastic Voyage)(+10)

I feel slightly jipped when Level 50 is reached. I was hope to go nuts and max out all 3 skill trees but it only gives enough for 1 + a few nit picks from the other 2. Guardian Rank is cool too but almost feels pointless since I play solo usually. So far it is more fun to level up in BL2. Its still kind of early though and they are still balancing things.

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There’s actually almost enough to hit two capstones. Just four points shy if I recall correctly.

Hell no. I don’t want to have farm my ■■■■ again every 3 months.


Maybe it is different for every character then. I have been using FL4K and I’ve only earned enough points leveling up to 50 to max out the blue skill tree (100%) but there was only enough to hit a few on the others. Are you talking about only using enough points to unlock skills and activate them, but not max them out? (for example only FRENZY 1/5, rather than 5/5)

…maybe that is just part of the strategy though “play how you want to play”. Choosing your “unique” style, so when you play with other people everyone isn’t the same. idk.

I think that is not correct.

I recall it being included in the season pass OR that it was free.

Straight from the source. One of the level caps was included the other and OP levels were not.


  • Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty (campaign add-on)
  • Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage (campaign add-on)
  • Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt (campaign add-on)
  • Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep (campaign add-on)
  • The Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack (level cap increase)


  • Gaige the Mechromancer (playable class)
  • Krieg the Psycho (playable class)
  • Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2 (level cap increase)
  • Add-on packs to be released in the future.

It takes 26 points to reach the capstone of any skill tree. Which is what people usually mean when they talk about maxing a skill tree. Maxing every single skill in each tree is madness. We’ll never see that many points. Indeed, we’ll probably never see the 78 points it would take to merely get all three capstones.

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Each paid DLC, including season pass ones should increase the level cap when released. I mean I was lvl 50 a few days after launch. This game is going to run out of steam if they keep it up…

Sounds familiar now. wasn’t it 5$? Also, there is no guarantee that they will do it the same way this time.

I wanted it too but I’ve become sceptical. I mean, when they were working on the first level cap increase for BL2 (due to player demand), Pitchford made their concerns very clear that raising the level cap would probably break the game.

Now BL2 didn’t have any Mayhem modes. With Mayhem 4 and crazy anointments and items like Amara’s Driver mod, imho BL3 is already more insane than BL2 at OP10. I think it’s already too much and I’m concerned what a level cap increase would do to the game.


edit: duh, I’m too stupid to calculate. And too stupid to read.

Thanks for this, been trying to find the season pass specifics. I need to get going on leveling my other 2!!!

I think that getting more skill points but not levels could be a good balance.

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Quoted for Truth. No way GB releases a Cap Increase with Every DLC because No One wants to have to re-farm all their good loot every DLC release b/c of level cap increase.


I personally don’t want to see a increase in the level cap anytime soon.
It definitely would screw everything up at this point. They need to fix everything within the skill trees of each character first.
And there’s no way I’d be looking forward to seeing all of my gear become worthless on every DLC addition with the cap increasing on them.

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I do not want a level cap increase. Period.

I want them to get Mayhem right, get Guardian Perks working, address performance issues, and balance the characters.

There is plenty of depth to this game already. Get what is in front of the players presently functioning correctly, GBX.

The scarcity of skill points requires players to make decisions and commit to builds, and that is a good thing for build diversity. Players should not be able to get 2 capstones, and increasing level cap would allow that.

Please don’t do that!

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I want a level cap increase. But not too much.

It sounds like everyone wants something different. I partially agree with the ppl who don’t want it at all; it would be no fun to have mega OP builds and it would probably wreck much of the balance that has been built in.

I don’t think a small boost would do that though. We certainly don’t need Lv80 or more, but I think 60 would be enough to open up some new combination options that would be great to work with.

Increasing weapon diversity didn’t break the model, so I don’t see why increasing build diversity conservatively would either.