Increased level question

That’s ridiculous. I’m officially not playing anymore. Spent hours equal to days equal to weeks looking for gear. Wtf is the point if they will become useless. I’m out.

As opposed to unofficially not playing anymore?

All your gear is max level right now. The level cap increase won’t happen for a while, so there is no reason you can’t run around around and enjoy the game…right now.

But that would mean not throwing a tantrum.


The level cap increases are usually behind a DLC, no? As in, if you’re not interested, skip the DLC?

I’m only “enjoying” myself right now playing this game because of the loot I find that I can use for later. I’ve played the through the campaign, side mission, challenges, etc on multiple characters. I have already played enough to get my money’s worth… but to know that the gear I find (finding gear is the best part of this game for me) is going to eventually become useless? I’m out. Maybe you’re wrong and guns won’t become useless. But for right now all I’m hearing is that they will be so yes. I’m done.


I am looking forward to it so I can clean the stash out lol.

But honestly just like every Borderlands game, if you want to farm MAX MAX gear, you have to wait until all DLCs are done.

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Doesn’t make sense. I can guarantee that I’m not the only one who will stop playing once they realize their gear is useless. Honestly just a terrible idea, especially for newer age video games, shouldn’t do things that will clearly lose players

My wife is similar in that aspect. She already stopped playing, but she will play again after a while to try the new things and get higher level. I usually farm for the both of us and don’t mind the grind.

For right now I’ll continue playing, at least until there’s a more definitive answer out there… being the type of gamer that’s in it for the long run, knowing that the amount of time I’m spending now, is in fact actually a waste of time I’ll be quick to find a new game or go back to one I already play. Which is why I said it’s bad idea to have a system where you will guarantee a decline in players, is bad idea for newer age video games, cuz goddamn the games coming out now a days are frickin gorgeous amazing.

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Just look at it as a grind for now and a grind for later. You will only be coming across more and more gear with the new DLCs anyway that will make most what you have obsolete more than likely. If there is a level cap with a DLC, I will usually hit level cap grind before entering the new DLC so everything in there will be max level anyway when I get stuff. Plus you will most likely have new trees to spec in and experiment with. Try to look at some of the positives as well :slight_smile:

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Don’t get me wrong. I love this game and everything about it, except for balance issues in coop, but that’s pretty much how it always is for games like this.

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Your current gear will be good for a couple of levels before being obsolete, so you really should stop playing right now, because when that level cap increase comes in about 6 months time you are pretty much screwed.

It depends on how they do any level cap. I know a lot of folks have asked for the option to not have a new level cap apply, either globally or per character. IOW if you stay in say TVHM you should never gain further XP should a level cap increase go into effect unless you enable it somehow. If GBX did that and gave players a choice over which characters they used to go further, that would take some of the salt out of the wound. I think it would be worth doing something like this this time simply because it’s so much easier to hit level 50 in BL3.

If they give us chance to autolevel like 15 guns, ill be happy.

That never happened before. Don’t know why it would now.

You are kind of being a child right now


is this your first game? seems like it’s your first game…

it’s the same as leveling to 50… everything you find untill then is crap…

by the time there IS a levelcap you’ll be bored with your current guns…

but then again, IF there’s going to be a levelcap…

I do have to point out that this happened the same way in Borderlands 1 and 2 (as well as other games), so it’s an expected behavior. Heck, as you’ll remember (maybe) this April Borderlands 2 got a level cap increase more than 6 years after the last increase. So yeah, it happens.
So yes, you’ll have to get new gear along the way. Fortunately GB usually adds new interesting guns/gear at the same time, so you may be looking for new things, not just refreshes of your current gear, which is cool.
All fine with me, a new level cap means striving to get better. And I do (I may be in the minority here) look forward to OP levels. OP is different than Mayhem, and I like 'em both.

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Aaannddd - we’re done here.

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