Increased level question

is this your first game? seems like it’s your first game…

it’s the same as leveling to 50… everything you find untill then is crap…

by the time there IS a levelcap you’ll be bored with your current guns…

but then again, IF there’s going to be a levelcap…

I do have to point out that this happened the same way in Borderlands 1 and 2 (as well as other games), so it’s an expected behavior. Heck, as you’ll remember (maybe) this April Borderlands 2 got a level cap increase more than 6 years after the last increase. So yeah, it happens.
So yes, you’ll have to get new gear along the way. Fortunately GB usually adds new interesting guns/gear at the same time, so you may be looking for new things, not just refreshes of your current gear, which is cool.
All fine with me, a new level cap means striving to get better. And I do (I may be in the minority here) look forward to OP levels. OP is different than Mayhem, and I like 'em both.

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