Increased Load Times and Resurfacing of the Dreaded Stutter

So I have hopped back on to see sort of what is new. When I got on, I noticed that load times between areas and planets are so much longer now. Whereas the load times once took maybe 5 - 10 seconds, it is now taking around 2 minutes. This in conjunction with the stuttering that has resurfaced has me wondering. Is this a problem with anybody else? I have no problems with any other games so it leads me to think its possibly a result of the hot-fix.;=

i’m assuming you’re on PC, made sure you’re not having processing hogs running in the background? windows updates etc? i’ve heard DX 11 or 12 could cause long loading, maybe that’s something worth looking into? my PC were having stutters and slow loading / asset streaming when there were process hogs running in the background i were not aware off.

If you are on PC, try these settings. I’ve tried many variations of lower and higher settings on all these options. This specific combo is the only thing that runs flawlessly for me(while still looking decent). My PC should be able to handle this game on high, but it stutters and I get frame drops. Putting everything on low, makes it even worse.

I have my frames locked to 61 as to match my monitor refresh rate.

Does this also fix the ridiculously long load times?

I don’t have long load times with these settings at all. Not sure if it has anything to do with that in your specific scenario but I would say it’s worth trying.