Increased Loot Drop Thoughts

I have to say the rare spawn and increased loot drop event has been very decent so far. It’s not at all easy to get the specific gear you want yet gives you a fair amount of hope so that the player wants to keep farming. I’ve farmed alpha anointed roughly 150-200 times since the start of the event and still haven’t been dropped the gear I want, however I’m not frustrated or irritated because other sometimes useful gear does drop. It also seems the drop rates are game wide which makes it so much more fun to just go create mayhem either solo or in a group. I would honestly love to see the drop rates be left where they currently are after the event is over, it makes the game so much more enjoyable and there is still a good balance behind it that people are not going to get that exact piece of gear with the perfect anointment in 5 or 100 tries… But they will get something useful most likely. So there is my plea Gearbox crew… Can we please leave the drop rates as they are after the event?? In addition… The raid is fun and easier to farm with the scaling… But how about it be on a sliding scale so the player playing solo can choose to have the difficulty either on a 1, 2, 3, or 4 person scale. I personally like the solo on 4 person scale raid for build and gear testing, but also understand not everyone wants to play it like that… Including myself. I may want to test a build on mayhem 4 with 4 person scaling solo, or I may want to set the scale for 2 person difficulty for farming purposes. Thanks, and I hope someone reads this and I didn’t just type this book for nothing.


I’d like them to stay after the event, too. It makes farming actually worthwhile. Now I can get a One Pump Chump!

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I agree, the event seems better. I’ve found lots of good items randomly while trying to farm other things. I am annoyed that chests haven’t been re-spawning though.

Not that I have many thoughts about the drop rate, but are you looking for a Linc? I’ve got a basic one if you’re on PC and interested (grenade tracker type).

I have a couple of lincs, thank you though. I was actually farming him for 250 cast fire/corrosive infinity pistols. But I’m on ps4

I seriously don’t think I can play after the event ends. The drops and especially the annointments rate has been just right and too go back to the old rates, will really knock all the fun out of the game for me.
I’m probably just going to come back for new content, as I have plenty of other games to play!


the event lowered the amount of legendaries dropping, it didn’t increase it, just the number of anointed went up. if thay kept it the way it is thats fine, but put the legendary drop rate back up were it was before the event. thay called the event loot frenzy, when it should have been called less loot more anointed frenzy. sometimes wasn’t even that. plus put maliwan back the way it was. even that has way less loot dropping since the event started.

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