Increased loot (unless you're El Dragon Jr.)

Out of the last 12 kills, I’ve received 1 blue rocket launcher and one purple maliwan shotgun. That’s it.
I’ve had really good luck in the Takedown and with other rare spawns, but he’s not dropping anything. Like anything at all.

Was he one of the broken ones they “fixed”?

Apparently not on PS4 lol. I did get a stop-gap and a Storm Front from him earlier today, not now the well is dry

Same happened to me with anointed alpha and unstoppable, both ones that the fixed. Had good drop rates last night, then today at some point it all went away. I keep thinking it’s RNG haha, it’s really not, they’re broken. They have to be.

Also ps4 btw

I restarted the game, see if it helps.

I did a bunch of times and cleared my cache. Didn’t help for me.

I just jumped on again and will see if anything changed after a bit

I’ve been farming him on Xbox. He at least spawns 100% of the time now, but he doesn’t drop legendary items from his dedicated loot pool all the time. On average, I was seeing a legendary drop once every three kills from him on M4. And when he does drop one of them (there’s three items on his dedicated list: his relic, grenade, and shield), such as the Stop Gap, I have yet to see one that’s anointed.

Either I’m getting the short end of the RNG stick, as usual, or he didn’t get the memo about increased anointed drop rates.

I’m on PC. I know El Dragon Jr’s drops were a bit low, like really really low every time I went there. Before and after hotfix, or mini- and micro-patch, or DLC, or anything. Out of curiosity, I did a 50 run (51 actually, because 1 time he didn’t spawn) farming on Mayhem 4. This is what I got from 50 runs of El Dragon Jr:

9 grenades
8 packs of assault rifle ammo

2 Health vials

27808 dollars

2x Storm Front (Vladof, Hyperion) (not anointed)

2x Stop Gap (not anointed)
2x Stop Gap (anointed)

1x Powerplay (blue gun)
1x Powerplay (purple gun)
1x Multiplex (purple gun)
1x Snowdrift (blue artifact)
1x Contraband (blue shield)

Some runs I didn’t even get a single pack of ammo dropped. Literally he didn’t drop anything. If you go in a certain pattern, there are some loot boxes, a Jakobs chest and some Eridium chests. Those were a bit (really tiny) more rewarding:

Bangarang XL (anointed)
Sleeping Giant (anointed)
Breath of the Dying (anointed)
Barrage (anointed)
Tunguska (anointed)
Back Ham (not anointed)

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I’m on PC and I remember El Dragon Jr. was a bit of a farm ages ago when I was going for the relic, but I got a few relic drops until I landed one with bonus incendiary damage and melee damage because it was for my melee Amara.

But there are some rare enemies where it feels like their drop rates are still super low. I was constantly farming One Punch yesterday and I must’ve killed him about 20-30 times in a row, dropping a different range of legendaries throughout, but only dropping the One Pump Chump once. If Gearbox supposedly increased the drop rates of legendary loot, it feels like they only increased it by 1% with certain enemies.

There’s actually two Jacob’s chests. One under the bridge by the save point for the old loot tink farm. Another on the cliff edge near Heckle/Hyde.

I haven’t run El Dragon in this event but he was always generous and spawned often for me in the past. The problems you guys are describing tell me that there’s a problem now caused by the event.

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Yeah I know that, there are more on that part, there’s also one the building next to the elevator which takes you to the Jakobs Estate, but I tried to go next to the fence so I don’t trigger the mobs. But anyway, before this Rare Spawn event, I never had luck with El Dragon Jr. He spawned often, but the drops from him feel similar like when I farmed him before the event. I don’t know. Might be the event causing this.

I gave up on El Dragon Jr. He obviously not working right. Wick and Worty dropped things consistently, so there’s much better uses of my time farming.

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That feeling sucks. When you convince yourself it’s just RNG, just a few more hours to see. Then you realize it isn’t bad RNG, it’s broken and you just wasted hours of your life.

It’s almost as bad as me just now noticing a typo in my post

Haha it happens