Increasing the level cap

dose any one know if they are increasing the level cap from a 100 to something else


Would be nice as I was lvl 90 before this double xp event

The game is less than a month old. I doubt they would when there are other issues that need to be addressed first. We also have several DLC packs that haven’t been released yet.

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I don’t think the level cap needs to be changed. It would be nice if there was credit compensation once you hit cap with both command rank and character. There are a few threads on this already.

yer it would be coll like a prestige system or something like that were you could permently unlock a hero or something

I get the general desire, but there are many more things to do than build out a cap further, especially without a system already in place to really make that really worthwhile.

Even sooner than that, I think I’d prefer some type of Character prestige-system, even if it was just to have cool skins. But right now, there are so few reward/incentive systems in place that do anything (command rank unlocks characters, topping out at 40, and credits are really only useful for things related to gear).