Incursion and Sniper Exploit since day 1

Hello, there are alot of Topics about this problem.
Also some Topics got closed by Mod’s.
But this Gamebreaking bug is still aktiv?

My question now.
WHy you dont make the MODEL of the First KEEPER little bit smaller, also the Bubble. after this you test a Game if you see with the Sniper the enemy keeper from this Position.
I think this is a work for 2 Hours maybe or so.

You JUST need to give the KEEPER+ Bubble less Pixels.
I know its not perfect fix, but hey its so simple and we dont need to play on a gamebreaking map 2 Weeks long.

You want more player? You want to go competetive?
So Hury UP with gamebreaking fixes, or this will not work!

i Also read that we PC Player must wait for the patch, until PS4 and microsoft are finish with the patch for console.
Seriosly? You Ruin with this your OWN Game.
If you see Gamebreaking Bug, like this FIX IT instantly.

Dont say to us, big patch is comming, and in this patch we got a fix!

Battleborn is no F2P game, also no Alpha Access or anythink.
We Buy this game, and they sell us Battleborn as FULL GAME, and not early access or anythink.
So Fix gamebreaking bugs faster ty.or sell your next game Alpha Access, so you can say, Dont worry its Alpha its normal that the game Runs not well.

They have it fixed in the next patch and its coming soon, these patches need to go through certification with the consoles and therefore can only happen so fast.


I know and this is what i want to tell everyone!
Its a JOKE; they have our fix but we must play with a Exploit in MM cause we need to Wait for Console.

If they do this on every situation, patch progress is comming way to slow.

Watch to Smite or other games with cross plattform.
PC got allway’s patches earlier , its easier to patch on PC plattform then Console.
Also publisher can Programm the Patch for PC, and we can download it.

Not possible on Console.

Smite has allway’s 1-2 Patches more then Console, also on Ranked and so on.
For Competetive play its IMPORTANT in future that we dont need to wait for COnsole .
I know why i buy Games for PC, and i dont accept the fact, that i need to wait longer cause Console.


Just out of curiosity, do you know if Steam patches have to go through any testing/certification process before they can go live?

No they don’t but gearbox is going to release them all at the same time, I believe this is due to having to update it on the server where they can’t really separate the patches. I could be wrong there, they might just want to be equal to all platforms.

That would make sense - thanks!

Only reason can be , that they want to have all Platform same day Patch.

Cause, the server are not the Same, maybe same location. But PC player dont play with Xbox or PS4.
Also Xbox one play only with other Xbox guys.
So they have Seperat server, also to Patch it!

So really, there is only 1 Reason, Player on Console can flame why PC user get this Patch earlier.
We know Patch is here, fix is allready done.
But they dont want this flames.

thats all. and a really bad reason
But maybe the Playerbase is on Console higher, cause PC has not so high playerbase.
So they look more to them, then to PC user, if this is the case.
I see no future for Competetive scene, like Smite/LoL/Dota and so on.

That isn’t 100% true in Randy V’s latest twitch interview he talked about the servers all being connected. He addressed this with talking about split screen and how moving assets on console split screen would even have an effect on the pc game.

Ok Simple fix, BANN MERQUIS untill Fix, or Delete this map From Mappool until fix.
This will work for all 3 PLattforms, and help Everyone.

Maybe on Console they dont exploit every game. Maybe not every Console Player know this bug.
But on PC Matchque its just Annoying.
Every PC player will watch Youtube guides or anythink else, and in this moment INcursion is unplayable on PC.

Its the same on consoles. Alot of people with no honor wanting to cheese a win.

I use the exploit to on this map,
3min gametime -> keeper dead.
I never vote for overgrowth, but everytime i must play it.
So i show everyone how broken this is, and i hope nexttime they vote for echelon instead.

But serios, i dont know why Gearbox or 2k, accept to wait for Console to bring the patch live on PC.
I mean i have also a Xbox one, but i buy Games only for PC, cause many reason’s.

Faster Patches.
More options to fix Bugs
Better Community
Chat/Voicechat is easy on PC, not so easy on Console.

Now i have a PC game, but i still need to wait for Microsoft and Sony to confirm the patch.
So i can PLAY ON PC this game, after sony/microsoft does his work.
You see the Playerbase on PC? its even not exist, and in 7 Day’s Overwatch is out.
I Promise, if you dont give us this week the Patch, Playerbase goes really down, to 2 k Player Activ!

And then you will got ALOT of topics about Matchmaking, but you cant fix it, without higher PLAYERBASE:
So really, give us faster Gamebreaking fixes, or this game has no Future.
It can be Really good, also in Esport, but if you need over 3-4 weeks to fix a Gamebreaking bug, you will have no future in e-sport.
And in Fact, without e-sport Moba cant be big.
You just need to look to our Moba giants, and also to 1000 low Moba Games in the world wide web.

Battleborn has potential to be a Giant, but the Dev’s must bring the patch faster.
Patch is finish, give it to us, and microsoft /sony should wait, if they need more time.
But you lost alot of people on PC cause Console.
Your choice.

Just example from Xbox, for Halo Master chief collection, they need nearly a half year to bring the dedicated server online.
They was Patching every 2-3 Weeks, but still doesnt work.
That show me, how stupid the “next gen” consoles are.

I think all 3 are linked on the server side, I know we are not cross platform but in an interview Randy V was talking about split screen and he mentioned that even changing size and locations of icons in the hud on the consoles affected the pc version.

its not just merquis that does this exploit any range player can do it i have seen isic mequis thorn and oscar mike… any range player can do it… and more i play incursion more people cheating there way to the win its a joke and dont know why it wasnt fixed before game was up for sale… this was happening in beta

Toby as well. Drops his shield and then proceeds to cheese. I show no mercy to the penguin anymore , I dont care if he is cute at all anymore I will murder every toby I see with extreme prejudice

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Merq kill Sentry in 3 min, no other Hero can do this.
But anyway, Kleese shielddrone near the Sentry remove the Visible Bubble from Keeper, while he has still a shield.
Its also a bug, but with this bug you can counter the Exploit.

Sounds funny or?
Team 1 use bug, to stop Team 2 for Exploiting.
Something went wrong or?

If they can Patch PC for self or not, doesn’t matter. Publisher see anyway the Playerbase , and also alot of topic’s here.
If they dont realiz that they loose day for day player cause of this issues , i cant accept that the fix need so long time.
I mean with every day, this exploit is aviable you will loose player, while you loose player the Matchmakingsystem cant work great.
Cause you can have the best Elo system but with 2k player activ, splitted into 3 PvP modes, and PvE cant work.
Then more flames about matchmaking comming -> again less player.

Bad Posts Comming -> maybe new player read this and dont buy it.
And this all cause of to lazy exploit fixes.