Incursion - Echelon Map Sucks

I do not like this level at all. There seems to be side areas that go nowhere. Tiers in the middle of the map that is confusing. The choke points on this map are super small and do not lend to good team battles. A Miko and Isac team on a choke point are like unstoppable and you can not easily get a round. I have never gone off to kill a mercenary in this map because leaving a disputed choke point means your leaving the team fight that constantly going on. What is everyone’s else thoughts on this map?

I agree it just doesn’t feel like it flows. There are way way too few shard opportunities available making defense really hard and just down to hitting those two chokepoints. Especially if the enemy team just keeps building those speed boosters, minion waves keep hitting too fast.

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I dont mind it too much i just dont like how once one sentry is down they can easily shoot at the other without going any further.

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The map is terrible. Every corner i get stuck due to a minion. I cannot bait people in because the moment i try to back up there is a minion or someone blocking me. This map is an example of poor design and use of choke points.

this map definitely left a bad first impression here and could use a level design polish pass.

  1. there’s not enough verticality compared to the other incursion map. too many flat areas. not enough cover in the open areas. just drop a couple crates in those wide open areas people can hide behind.

  2. the verticality that the level does have (in the form of big staircases), renders a lot of ground targeted skill useless during uphill battles. i think this just forces a lot of action to consolidate to a couple chokepoints.

  3. lots of pockets/deadends you find yourself in if you’re backpedaling. as one example, when you go up the area where those two sets of stairs are side by side, and go left at the top of the stairs, there’s this dead-end that’s really easy to get trapped in when you’re trying to backpedal down the stairs. not fun.

  4. a lot of this level, where the wall meets the floor, there’s a 45-degree-angled moulding piece that causes collision with players. intolerable, and it’s really easy to miss this unless you’re staring at your feet. in general, this game should be a lot more forgiving about terrain that sticks up 8 inches from the ground. playing a superhero who can’t step over a shin-high obstacle doesn’t make any sense.

  5. there’s at least one accelerator/turret (i forget which) that is adjacent to a geometry corner, i think near one of the bridges. just another poorly placed obstacle you’ll get stuck on when backpedaling.

  6. on at least one of the ledges with a guard rail, oscar mike cannnot easily shoot his grenade launcher over the guard rail without stepping back 6 feet, making visibility very poor. i guess i could see where this is supposed to be intentional, but it doesn’t feel very fun. i’d just get rid of the guard rail. it makes it too easy for snipers to barely stick their neck out.

It definitely has frame rate issues on Ps4, there is a lot of stutter during team battles in the main lane

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Ya i did not notice this my first time in the map but after playing it some more i have definatly notice that it lags, ESPECIALLY if you have a ps4 party chat going on with friends. I think this level needs some feng shui and less walls everywhere that lead to choke points.

The biggest issues I have with this map beside the choke point is that there’s barely any actual high-low ground advantage in the middle of the map.

Melee and AoE are so strong in this map. Galiea being much more powerful than Overgrowth pretty much removes the map from my “Fun-to-play” list.

FPS issues, I no longer has to deal with that when I removed all the shadow and set them to low. (PC)

I love it. It feels a lot more compact then Overgrowth leading to matches that can swing back and forth more rapidly. It is confusing at first but once you know where everything is its great.

I’ve never been able to play on it because no one ever votes for it haha.


I just don’t like incusion…

Still better than “sniper map” that is the other choice. Meltdown maps are so much better.

Has anyone here noticed the sentries not reacting to people running through the base? The turrets need to be fixed as well just played a match where they ran past the sentries and camped or spawn door

The biggest problem this map has is the two choke points just past 2nd sentry. Beyond that where the 2nd sentry is, is no man’s land. If you are a melee moving up…forget about it if the other team has ranged top of stairs, more cover is needed.

I’d like to be able to actually play this map as no-one ever votes for it so I can’t get the trophy for winning on every map :frowning:.

My team and I tend to lag super hard on this map every time we played. We just don’t pick it anymore.


I like the map, the only thing it’s missing is a 3rd flank option… I mean, you get 3 in Overwatch (mid, tunnels, and thrall drop down) but there’s nothing like that here, there should be a third path to bring you into mid to push out a flank, preferably one that not every character can go back through.

I think GBX should have just gone the Moba route on Incusion. I would have made two lanes, a right, left, and mid jungles. Make the 1st tower a core with self building stinger, the 2nd tower a mini- sentry, and the last a big one. The one lane pushing doesn’t give the option to to make camp steals, distraction plays to keep the teams from piling, stop snowballing, or shard farming when you lost ground.

Just a thought but…maybe Echelon is SUPPOSED to be missing a bunch of high ground etc etc?

Why would you want two maps that play identical to eachother in the same mode? Different maps favor different heroes, as it should be.

I like Echelon. Games usually end faster on Echelon too and much more brutal combat.

well i can see how it being low ground isn’t really a bad thing. But in a game with all these heros you don’t want some Heros to have and advantage over others just from stage select. Makes it so no one would pick them, which isn’t good. lol