Incursion ideas

Hey everyone, just wanted to throw out some ideas for multi-player maps in the future (specifically Incursion mode)

I’ve personally played on the Echelon map probably 3 times in over 60 games of Incursion. No one seems to like it as it rarely gets voted in favour of Overgrowth. It just doesn’t seem to flow like Overgrowth does.

I think some new maps along the lines of Overgrowth would be amazing, and im sure others would agree. It’s just a really fun map to play, and the stand offs and huge battles in mid map are just plain fun as h e double hockey sticks.

I prefer Echelon. The small pathways to get to the next area can cause a lot of chaos. Overgrowth is full of cheese at the moment and don’t care for it in it’s current state.

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I love Echelon and its layout but i have noticed that no one picks it like ever and I feel its like this because everyone got the chance to learn overgrowth in the open beta so people don’t want to play incursion on a map they dont know because most people go into incursion for competitive play and people don’t like to learn the map while trying to play competitively at the same time. that’s just what I imagine being the reason.