Incursion in Quick Match PLZ!

On the PC the game is almost dead so most people play Quick Match to get a quicker match so a lot of my friends play quick match even if they like Incursion the best or get bored of the other modes. So why can’t quick match have 1 of each mode!?!?!? I really wanna play w/ my friends but can’t stand the minecraft rip-off map Paradise where all ur doing is destroying buildables, it literally makes me kill myself and vote for surrenders, which I never do on any other maps!

I don’t even care if it’s Echelon! I just want Incursion and a faster que time QQ

Then better not play if you are doing this. Seriously.

Anyway. You can get Monuments or Echelon in quick match, just not every single time.

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yeah ik u can get Incursion sometimes but u should be able to vote on 1 map from each of the modes so if u feel like 1 mode then u can play it and if u feel like another then u can play that

Basically you want to be chaos rumble but without global chat and the ability to chose the same character regardless of if it was chosen?

I don’t know how bad the player base is on PC since I play on PS4 but if they were to do that, Meltdown and Capture would rarely get picked. For the people who don’t like Incursion (like myself), they will have no other playlist to go to for Meltdown and/or Capture so they would pretty much get screwed over.

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yeah pretty much

during chaos rumble (when there was voting between all 3 modes) people did a mix of modes b/c sometimes they liked meltdown/capture and something you don’t think about is because people didn’t like the Incursion map Echelon so they would vote for Meltdown and Capture

Sweet, I’m down for that

Maybe after the next patch, I’ll reconsider how I feel about Incursion. But at this moment in time for me, Meltdown is the only game mode that routinely produces surprises, comebacks, and exciting small-scale duels and large-scale team battles.

That’s me, though. Even though I don’t pretend to understand why Incursion is so popular, I wouldn’t object to the three choices in Quick Match being drawn from each mode (and also losing Paradise as the fixed map). However, having this and a dedicated Incursion queue wouldn’t be fair - it’d just continue to enshrine Incursion as the “real” game mode in the imagination of the playerbase. One or the other.


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Also, not sure if you were around for the “competitive and casual update”, but that is exactly what they did, and it nearly killed the game because of how many impatient and immature people there are in the world.

I didn’t play much during the chaos rumble but if that’s the case, it wouldn’t be that fun having to wait for Echelon to show up just to get a chance at a Meltdown/Capture match.

I can understand why Incursion is so popular but I’m more of a melee character user (Love Deande, Shayne and Phoebe) and if a healer is needed, I use Alani or Ambra but without their ultimate’s they really can’t do any damage or significant damage to the two enemy turrets compared to ranged attackers which is why I am so turned off of Incursion. I can contribute more to the team with those characters in Meltdown and Capture and I have experienced more intense and close games on Meltdown compared to Incursion.

I understand your frustration though. The wait times, even on PS4, are really long but I think the best way to improve matchmaking for now is to find 10 players first and then split them into teams. It’ll be something until they gain more players but squeezing in Incursion in the playlist that gives Meltdown/Capture a chance could be a recipe for disaster for those two modes, at least from my pov.

Its like your me, but not me … your not me are you?


Yes, I am you… as a GHOST from the FUTURE!

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A while back they had modes called casual and competitive. Incursion was included in the pools and was nearly chosen exclusively making it impossible to play anything else. I don’t want that again, but personally I’ve fallen away from PvP anyway

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It would definitely have to be M.Night :slight_smile:

I’d be fine if Incursion showed up a little more often, but I definitely don’t want it showing up every time. I am full of it. It’s better than capture but that doesn’t say much.

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I think the biggest problem with this, is that we are talking generically.

However on the consoles (well Xbone), the Incursion queue has no problems, and I personally would actually like to see it removed from Quick Match (simply because I dislike Incursion, so this is a selfish viewpoint).

This would allow those who like to Incur, to Incur and those who like to Melt, well Melt. Lets just ignore capture for now :smiling_imp:


Alani can do crazy damage even when building for heals without her ult. Her ult is rarely useful too. Compared to other ults that is.

With the help of Ernest, me as Alani took down both the enemies sentries in… 4 minutes. Alani’s damage is indeed very good :stuck_out_tongue:

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