Incursion is laughably bad

I’ve played what I’d consider to be a normal amount of the beta since it dropped for PS4. I haven’t had much to complain about in that time, except for one thing: the Incursion competitive multiplayer mode is so glaringly awful that it might just be the single worst multiplayer game mode I’ve ever played in my entire life. I’m not kidding.

There are a few reasons for this, some of which are larger problems affecting the game or characters in general. I’ll start with with the problems most relevant to the game mode and branch out from there.

  1. Turret placement is absurd. About 60% of the buildable turrets provide no defense for your sentries whatsoever. It’s as if the devs were looking around the map saying, “Gee, this out-of-the-way corner with no sight lines looks lonely. Let’s put a stinger turret here.” Most of the turrets are so far away from where the actual battles take place that even if you build them, nobody will come. The ones that are close enough to be relevant are usually against or behind walls, which severely limits their capabilities. The best example of this is the shock turret that sits directly beneath the balcony overlooking your last sentry. Players just sit on that balcony and pulverize the sentry from above (more on this in a bit), making that turret completely useless. And before anyone gets on my case about how the turrets are more for defense against minions than other players: please. Minions are just as useless as the turrets—maybe more so.

  2. Enemy players can build turrets in your territory. This is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen in a video game. Once a team’s first sentry is destroyed and the countdown to their inevitable loss begins (more on this in a bit), the opposing team rebuilds all of the captured turret defenses, turning them into unstoppable offensive juggernauts. Particularly egregious is the ability to build your own thumper turret and healing station on the balcony overlooking the opposing team’s last sentry, which basically ensures your victory as you’ve essentially created an impenetrable camping zone 50 feet from the enemy spawn point. If you thought spawn killing in Call of Duty was annoying, just wait until you play Incursion.

  3. The map layout is terrible. Yes, this judgment is based on the one map available for Incursion in the beta, but that map is a mess. First, you should not be able to snipe the first sentry from halfway across the map. You shouldn’t even be able to see it without, you know, actually moving down the lanes a bit and engaging with the other characters. Instead, I can just pick Marquis, park myself on the edge of no man’s land, and snipe to my heart’s content. Second, the balcony overlooking the final sentry is a horrible design and needs to be scrapped. There is absolutely no way to defend that last sentry from other players short of going up to that balcony and challenging them one-on-one (or three, as is usually the case), and if they’ve already set up their own thumper turret and healing station (see point #2), you’ll have just as much fun sitting in your base and waiting for the timer to count down to zero.

  4. The game mode as it is now, with its head-scratching turret placement and surreal map design, simply doesn’t work with two sentries. All a team needs is one decent push (not even a good one, just a decent one) to win the game in the first five minutes by destroying the first sentry, because once that sentry is destroyed its team (a) cannot push forward because they have to devote too many resources to defending their last sentry, and (b) can’t defend their last sentry because of the crappy map layout (balcony, mainly) and the fact that enemy players can build their turrets right next to the other team’s base. The best change here would be to have one sentry for each team, and whoever destroys the other team’s sentry (or does the most damage before the time runs out) wins. At least that would justify a 30-minute game mode that is currently a 5-minute game mode with a pointless 25-minute desperation phase.

  5. The “defender” characters are terrible at defense. I’m talking about ISIC and Toby so far, because they’re the ones I’ve unlocked (again, haven’t played a ton). They’re both good in their own way, as long as the rest of your team is kicking butt and you can just ride their coattails to victory, picking up scavenger kills on the way. But if you actually try to use them for the purpose for which they’re intended, good luck. ISIC isn’t very good as a defender until you unlock the Omega Strike power, and it’s usually too late by then. Toby is allegedly a tanky sniper, but his railgun blast moves so slowly that it’s almost impossible to hit a PC with it. His arc mines are worthless and the force field doesn’t seem to do anything useful either. Both characters are extremely vulnerable to melee rushes from characters like Rath or Shayne/Aurox, and they’re not great against ranged characters either. Toby can’t even countersnipe Marquis or Benedict because those characters can easily dodge his railgun and then blast away at his horrible defense until he dies. And don’t even get me started on what happens to them when the first sentry is destroyed and they have to try to stop PCs from taking over the balcony overlooking the last sentry. You might as well quit the game. Which leads me to my final point…

  6. Something needs to be done about players dropping out in the middle of a match. I understand it’s only the beta, and perhaps there will be a better matchmaking setup when the final product drops, but it’s been happening so frequently that I had to bring it up here. There’s no point in playing a 3 on 5 match in a mode that’s bad to begin with.

Thus endeth my rant. I know lots of other people have been complaining about a lot of the above problems, but I figured I would add my voice to the fray. I want this game to be fun, and I’ve enjoyed most of it, but Incursion needs to be completely revamped if Battleborn is going to be worth the money.

  1. Absolutely agree with you on this one. Either pushing or defending, some turrets are built and then never touched/never really affect the game too much. Mainly its the Lighting turret in the center and the thumper turrets overlooking the first sentry that can become a tactical advantage.

  2. I slightly disagree, I’ve come back several times from losing the first sentry and having to destroy and rebuild all of the turrets, it’s a matter of teamwork and willpower that can help you accomplish that. However, I have had multiple instances of the opposite happening, and being snowballed by this with the wrong team.

  3. Totally agree with the sniper thing, anyone decent with Marquis or even Benedict can take out the first sentry before the rest of his team even secures the center. Again, agree with the ending. By the time the other team is on top of you, they’re coming from two directions and have an army of minions to make it challenging to come back.

  4. This depends, again, on the team you’re with. If they charge in headfirst and let themselves be easily killed, then yeah, it’s a quick match. I usually try to let the other team struggle with taking the center, then once enough resources and levels have been accumulated, I like to start pushing them slowly back. Makes it a little more fun.

  5. I haven’t gotten around to playing Toby yet, but I disagree with ISIC. His rotating wards can deflect enemy fire, and can stun melee characters with his dash. As long as you aren’t the only one actually on defense, ISIC can become the assist king, with the Omega Strike as a way to seal the deal and possibly rack up a few kills.

  6. Completely with you on this one. I die a little on the inside when one of my teammates drops out, knowing that the whole team has to help fill whatever position the player had (unless they were just feeding, then good riddance)

Since you admitted you didn’t play much I won’t judge you, but all your points about incursion issues(other than disconnections) are just an issue of L2P.

I put 50 hours into the game over the course of 4 days, and I can assure you you CAN counter and work with most of the issues you have for the map,as for defenders, it’s once again a L2P issue,after playing all the heroes I mained ISIC and he’s a 100% tough defender from level 2.I can destroy Marquis from afar without a problem and not a bit of health lost and once I get my stun I destroy ALL melee characters. As for Toby I don’t know because I play on PC.

anyway,in short: learn the game and then review it, it’s unreasonable to do it now when you’re apparently green.

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Incursion is amazing


Not enough people know how to use Toby. On Incursion - Overgrowth Toby excels. He can take down all of the elite minions and Thralls with ease. His arc mines are great for taking out small minion waves. Later when they get the stun they are great for taking down Battleborn. I’ve taken down Galilea pre-nerf with Toby before. He’s great at controlling the lanes and harassing the enemy team. You have to be careful around some characters but if your team covers you then you are good to go.

Good points. For Toby, you have to use his rail cannon through his shield if you want to counter snipe. Other wise Toby is a defensive character good for keeping minions and champs suppressed with his arc mine. Didn’t play him much, but never really had problems with him. You can usually get away if your caught out as well thanks to his boosts. I think we’ll see some good changes to incursion when the full game releases.

  1. The turrets in your base are there as a deterrent for players who might otherwise set up camp inside your base for an extended duration. They only cover the spots that the sentry can’t hit by itself. They don’t really participate much. The only turret that I feel is necessary is the one in the side hallway.

  2. I agree.

  3. I agree with the two specific issues you point out.

  4. I agree; when the match gets to the second sentry it stops being fun. Might as well just have one sentry, give it double the health, and call the game the moment it’s lost.

  5. I can’t comment on ISIC or Toby since I haven’t played them in PvP.

  6. Very few people are voluntarily quitting mid-match; half the people I’ve ever seen disconnect have reconnected a minute or two later which means they either crashed or just learned about the anti-ragequit constraint: Players are punished for quitting (they can’t join another game until the match they were playing earlier finishes), and rewarded for sticking it out (you get plenty of XP even if you lose). I think once crashes are eliminated, this won’t really be an issue.

Agreed. I think they could set up fixed points where the shield regenerates so you have to take the shield down 3 or 4 times to win.