Incursion is overwhelming

I love the Meltdown mode. As long as your team knows that the suicidal minions are the objective, it’s a pleasure to play.

With Incursion, I can’t get it to click at all. I tried this mode as support, melee and long-ranged characters, and didn’t enjoy it with any of them. I won multiple times and lost multiple times, but the enjoyment is not there at all.

There’s just too much going on at all times. Neverending waves of minions, spongy thralls, defending sentries, attacking sentries, killing enemy players, turrets and big minions. I successfully defeated a single wave of minions, only to have another wave appear literally five seconds later. I can’t run away from there, because a sentry spamming high-damage rockets stuns me and I’m done until the next respawn. Then a single Rath came, activated his ultimate and our second sentry went from 50 to 0 in ten seconds.

On another occasion, about two out of ten minutes of gameplay decided on the result. My team spawned thralls, pushed further and further once, and the match was won 100-0.

This gamemode is the epitome of snowballing. Once a team has their grip on thralls and manages to spawn a turret near enemy base, it’s basically over, making half of the match duration either a painful struggle or boring steamrolling. Lose-lose.

How can I get enjoyment out of Incursion?

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The minion waves are definitely frustrating with respawns. I feel like I barely clear a wave before the next one is on me and you get stuck clearing minions on a loop for 5 minutes