Incursion is Repetitive and boring needs major change

(Andrewwang100) #1

Meltdown is pretty fun its dynamic and theres room to move around chase people etc

Incursion is stale and lame. One lane is not enough, its just constantly attack the same place everyone grouped in one area a huge mess

The solution is to make incursion more of a moba type game mode

Make it a two lane map, with 2-3 sentries in each lane. And put a core at the end

That will make it more fun more dynamic more interesting and more complicated than constant 5v5 pushing, which almost puts me to sleep


Respectfully disagree. Not every map needs to have multiple lanes. I rather like that Incursion has only one. Keep in mind they will be adding more maps and more game types down the road.

(Smash) #3

Respectfully agree. Every map needs to have multiple lanes. I rather dislike that Incursion has only one.

(StargirioGR) #4

Respectfully disagree. Team fights are much more fun when the whole team is involved. The tactics revolve around knowing all of your teammate’s abilities, relying on them and playing accordingly.


Respectfully agree. My team was being dominated and constantly having to respawn and run back to the same choke point that was about 3 characters wide where a well played Rath and Galilea were tag teaming us over and over again was not fun. It would have been a godsend to have a second lane and try a different tactic/approach.

Yes that scenario could have been helped with skilled, co-ordinated team play but that doesn’t happen with a team of new players and no mics. Which has been 99% of my games.


That’s all good and well when you find team mates like that, but it doesn’t work for the majority of players who don’t

(Fyrefox45) #7

Don’t run to that chokepoint then? You can flank the mid, and if you get control of the mid then breaking the only chokepoint on the map is much easier. And even that chokepoint has a flank route.


Again, flanking that position and breaking their chokepoint MIGHT have worked with skilled team members and co-ordinated effort. I main Whisky who has no hope of flanking alone and is more suited to support. My team members were trying to push back at that position so I played my role and gave suppressing fire from behind the front lines. A well played Rath and Galilea working together and being fed were just far too much. Adding a second lane would open the map up a bit more to everyone’s advantage and make it more casual player friendly. As it is, with the one lane, a well co-ordinated team can too easily hold and dominate. It would also allow the enemy to attack from different lanes, spreading players out more, reduce player congestion, etc. I’m not agreeing with the idea to punish good players and teams. I’m sure it’s probably easier to dismiss the idea if you don’t have problems winning but my PvP looks like 2 wins and 30+ losses.

(Fyrefox45) #9

Thats a whiskey foxtrot problem and not a map problem. The map already essentially has 2 lanes, I played tons of incursion matches and never once got stuck at my teams door there, although it did on occasion happen that my team was held there for awhile when other teams chose not to utilize the 2 other routes to disrupt us.


I’m well aware that Whisky underperforms, but that’s a whole other kettle of fish. I think two lanes would be a good idea based on my experience, and we’ll just have to settle on having a difference of opinion based on our own experiences.

(Raizurhk) #11

Played nothing but incursion so far and i have never got stuck anywhere on that map. Its more so the fact some characters cant make use of the second lane until they have upgraded their helix slightly.

(Smash) #12

What this have to do with Incursion? You can team fight on any map in any co-op game…

Not every char is designed for chokepoint fights, Incursion one lane is heavy limiting and there is not enough “things” to spend your shards on.


Spend it on gear?


I like the single lane layout of Incursion. As someone previously stated, there will be more modes. I think each mode needs to have a different map set up.

(Nllsq) #15

In my experience with the Open Beta, I enjoyed Incursion mode the most. I vote to keep it the way it is. Additional modes in the future are always welcome.

(Salsacookies) #16

I hardly ever have shards. I need them to make sure the turrets stay up!

(Label07) #17

I preferred Incursion out of the two game modes (even just having one lane) but I do get where you’re coming from. I would like to see Incursion maps in the future that have multiple lanes (up to 3 of course). +1 OP.

If this were to happen in the future, GBX has to make sure we can vote for which map pre game and have at least one of each choice; 1,2, or 3 lanes.

(Supermathv2) #18

I always have a plan for a my shards and they never sit in the piggy bank for long. Gear or max lvl turrets. Sometimes I toss in a bot for a push away from our base.

(lmabear) #19

Me and my friends all exclusively played Incursion during the beta. We found that we had the same issues you have, but with Meltdown, felt boring and forced.

(Smash) #20

You think i didn’t? LoL…

I would need to have 3x 1800 gears and still i would probably float with shards…