Incursion is Repetitive and boring needs major change

(Smash) #21

What turrets? LoL, there is one in the middle that is destroyed over and over and that is all. Any other turret means you are pushed hard and loosing.


More aggressive characters seem to get more shards. With Ambra I rake it in but with Miko I get stuff all.

(Master of Eeveelution) #23

Respectfully disagree. I think success in Incursion requires much more teamwork and strategising, character synergy is key to dominating the one lane push that is emphasised. I’ve been stalled out by triple tank teams who just defended and pushed late when they’d farmed mass shards and outleveled my team, saw an incredible Kleese-Ghalt combination who locked down the centre with linked energy rifts and cloaked scraptraps (We won in the end), I’ve won with full ranged teams pinning down the enemy team and forcing them back, had double support teams (Miko+Reyna) pushing Montana down the line to the sentry for quick wins, and so much more.

On Meltdown you can win against any team with any combination so long as you have two sweepers, two escorters, and a support utility, and they can be virtually any character so long as your team is coordinated and your utility jumps between lanes. Meltdown to me felt very limited. Fun, but very simplistic, it’s like the entry level mode as you work on strategies to win consistently on Incursion and learn how to counter certain characters and playstyles.

(Dominator3864) #24

i agree wholeheartedly. i was very unimpressed with incursion. i will say that the actual game mode has a TON of potential, but it simply does not work from a competitive standpoint to have one main lane. there also are just too many minion things going on. it is pretty much spam. to have incursion on paradise with a toning down of some of the minion spawn capabilities of players would be awesome.


As a support player I like Incursion as it’s much easier to help my team if they’re all in the one place or at least nearby.

However I did notice the mode has an issue with snowballing. This seems to be mainly caused by M4 Shepherd overshield and map giving (unfair?) advantage to attackers.

It would also be easier to work out what’s going on using consoles if they toned down the effects and widened FOV.

(Nllsq) #26

I enjoyed Incurtion a lot during the Beta. Of course, more maps in the future would be welcome.

(Iluspook) #27

Respectfully agree AND disagree. There should be a variety of maps that have different numbers of lanes for Incursion, giving us different experiences on each one. :slight_smile:


keeping it at one lane may be fine, but we need more possibilities to flank that lane/enemy’s bases ImO.
The minions can keep going in one direction, as long as the players have more choices of movement, it’s better .
Also, too much visibility from one base to another leads to snipers dominating, which isn’t a good thing if you want the game to not be static.

I think the second incursion map at release as more flanking option, and a less open view on the battlefield as well, which is cool.

The snowballing has a lot to do with the shepards’ spawn frequency indeed.

(Dwarfurious) #29

I really enjoy the new incursion map Echelon, sure its still one lane but its got a lot of room for maneuvering and its over a slightly suspended platform to make positioning real important. Still some problems with snowballing since when you control the map you control thralls but there are less Shards and the defensive position is decent. One thing i dont like about it is how much the sentry moves and that he can expose himself to a lot more fire just by moving around too much.