Incursion Jungler Bad for Team?

First time playing BB or any MOBA that this random dude thought it was bad that i was “feeding the team” with thralls, elites and dub thrall. oh and BTW he was 0-16 pushing the “lanes” and only wanted me in the lane and not being a jungle / defense type of team mate. Thoughts?
EDIT- I also had Sentinel Reset Switch and Quartermaster Bin Active. So I was upgrading everything Tier 3 etc etc


You can either have a constructive convo with the guy, try and explain map control, objectives etc, your aims … etc

Or just carry on and keep calm.


You did the right thing. You get more experience from killing the thrall and capturing the point than the other team just killing the thrall. You also get the push you need for the team to get to the sentry.


I was, the dude had no idea and said nothing back when explaining this to him. Also when the team pushed dubs, single and elite I was like "hey looks like the team is wasting time and resources cause now we have a crap ton of bots to kill.

Thank You! Glad I’m not the only one viewing it as that. When i summon dub or elite I wait for the enemy to focus on then, then swoop in to push.

I always focus on objectives at the start, plus bots/thralls/buidables.

But then I like playing Reyna, whos starting game is a little weak beyond some generic support, getting that XP is important for her

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I had someone complain about this too, when I encouraged everyone to keep building big minions and thumpers so that we could at least try to push back… It’s not like that XP matters once everyone hits level 10…

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agreed. and i was even telling him. Single thrall 28 mins dub thrall at 25. why is it set on a timer and not from the get go? :smirk:

Agreed. But don’t you Feed / give the enemy more XP off a player kill? curious to see the XP difference.

You get 100XP from capping a camp + the XP you get from killing the thralls. I really doubt the enemy gets as much XP from killing the thralls you captured…
Giving them (16) kills, however…


/Edit: This was a reply to @cjgut1234, quoting just messed it up. :slight_smile:

Probably this. Depending on how hostile the communication was.

Although ‘spamming’ thralls with no regard to the actual gamestate is frowned upon by more experienced players, most of the time they help in some way.

(Last match I played, I got middle and base thralls just before the two minute mark. We didn’t even get to push, but they helped fending off the enemy team until we won by time. Experience feeding just didn’t apply as an argument, because everyone was around Level 9-10.)

On the other hand, a full-party push can be an efficient tactical lockdown for the enemy team.
So, I guess it depends on Points and Team Composition.

That solely depends on your K/D ratio and Minions/Buildables built.
If you go 13/0 K/D with every thrall available, you’ll be ‘feeding’ them Exp with Minion Kills. The other way around would give them more via Player Kills. It’s just statistics.

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when i capture the single camp i call it out to make sure the team mates are pushing with it. also call out when getting elite bots. all communication and team work.

That’s way more communication than my teammates get from me. And I play mainly support classes. :laughing:

I must say, I have no Idea what that dude was on about. You seem to be doing just fine. :wink:


Ayup. Someone who goes 0-16 has no right to tell anybody else how to play the game.


if you have xbox 1 throw me a F/R ZombieFan504

Sounds like a salty wannabe moba player. Just keep doing what you’re doing, that guy was an idiot.


Yeah well I’m very OCD and ADD so I call out everything. Also I am always looking at the mini map and never rush into a 2-1 or above.


Thanks :laughing:

Same here, but I will try to support said 2vs1 with an AoE or suppressive fire as much as possible to either help my teammate get out of that situation or help kill the enemy player.

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That’s a load of crap.

As long as you’re not just blatantly ignoring your team and their pushes / encounters while you do nothing but gather Thralls / bots / buildables, then you are REALLY helping our your team by building up valuable infrastructure and gathering push support.

The game needs more players like you!