Incursion Jungler Bad for Team?

agreed. Work as a team, build up as a team and push as a team.

@FlamesForAll you have to admit you enjoy seeing a kamikaze OM every now and then. Lol.

BTW did you and everyone else get your support ticket in for the coopetition title? Id hate to see ya not get it with all that work that was put into getting it.


It’s true LOL!

One of the most important aspects of communication: TALK ABOUT THE LANE!

Honestly, I view it more as a “permission system” to go get thralls/shards. But then again, I tend to play wave-clear type guys over assassins, so I make sure I feel like the lane can hold before stepping out.

Tell people when you’re putting a thrall or fatboy (one of my favorite terms for the elite minion, that or “kettlebelly”) into the lane, so they know when reinforcements are rolling in, and how to use their skills on waves accordingly.

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I like fatboy. :laughing:

Only time I get frustrated at someone for getting thralls or focusing on buidables is when they abandon the rest of their team to do so. We had a Miko that kept trying to get thralls by (itself?). During character selection we all saw that he had master of miko skin, so we assumed he knew enough to be solo support. It would have been ok if he was going straight dps (another attacker is better than nothing). But he would always try to solo single or dub thralls, THEN try to come heal the team. When a person is getting thralls just because they’re there, with no regards to the rest of the team or their sentry, that’s when it becomes a problem.

In regards to his “kill-feeding” comment I have 2 replies:
1- you do get more XP for killing and capping 100 + 64 or 100 + 56 + 56 vs just 64 or 56 (or something close to those numbers)
2- I would rather you get double thrall and get the xp for it and have them die immediately instead of the enemy getting them at all.


Should they permanently do it prob not.

All you really need to do is hit a shard route coming back from base and stop quickly for single. Most good picks kill thrall in maybe 20 seconds or so.

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yeah miko shouldnmt be getting it. I was also Whiskey and dropping the single quickly.

yup. what i was doing. rinse and repeat and activating gear for defense. Sentinel and Quartermaster.

Yeah dude, jungling in this game is VERY important, and even if the enemy defeats the thralls right away you still get a good lump of exp from it. A lot of people dont really value the effectiveness of double thralls, but they are KILLER. I’ve beaten full health sentries with them in under three seconds, I mean they are the best way to defeat sentries for sure.

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Agreed. Like if they weren’t important then why are they present and point of them attacking smaller minions to push the sentrys.

Like I said, I have no problem with Miko grabbing thralls, provided there’s a second support on our team (or the team is respawning). I have a problem with a heal-based Miko neglecting the rest of the team and/or the sentry when they need a healer most, and focusing on getting buildables or thralls. If the Miko in my previous example were to have focused on DPS instead of heals, it wouldn’t have been such a problem, because we wouldn’t have tried relying on him for heals. Instead, it would capture thralls, build up buildables, then try to run into the middle of combat to throw a nearly dead character some heals (which typically resulted in both Miko and the other character dying).

In short, don’t abandon your team or neglect your role if you choose to focus on thralls/buildables.

-edit- I couldn’t tell if you were agreeing with me or disagreeing with me, hence this post.


yeah. typo meant to say shouldnt. due to miko causing AOE and healer for the team.

If the enemy team has their base locked down, then getting thralls can be a waste of time if members of your team have pull abilities. But generally only in this instance, as then it is more important to pull out an enemy and focus them dead than ‘feeding’. That way your team gets the breathing space needed to take out the turrets and harass mob clearer characters so your mobs can get to work.

It is also absolutely ‘feeding’ if you take more than 30 seconds to kill the thralls on cap, but only from an efficiency perspective. Know your roll and tell your team mates out of place how best to contribute.


Though I doubt you did anything “wrong” OP, I’ll just say that as an aggressive front line type of player, it can be quite frustrating to narrowly lose a 4 v 5 battle and then notice a teammate is off getting thralls somewhere. It’s tough to break through to the first sentry in Incursion, you usually need everyone there.

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agreed and i understand how to work as a team and push when needed. Team Work is the key

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