Incursion Maps, Overgrowth, Echelon, Simple Patch

So I was curious about the cheapest of the cheap and I am one who has done it too.

The iconic Rangers and shooters who have long range and the power to fire from that range shooting and killing the sentries from across the map and for echelon, peeking at the crack and shooting the sentry from a safe distance.

So let me know if there needs to be anything else after what I say:

-Scaled the map bigger:
Keep the sentries and battleborns the same height so nobody can snipe them from their own base or the “The Ledge”.
P.S. that includes rescaling jump height for all battleborns with double jump, teleport, and take off moves like Calderius or Benedict.

-Stretch the stair case before the first sentry to avoid people staying back and shooting from a safe distance

Sounds good map wise?

They also need to increase the height of the that wall thats near those two minions you can summon in overgrowth, Melika’s double jump can reach up there and easily take out the sentry.

My friend and I were talking about echelon last night. He suggested curving the hall way so you would have to go at least half way down to attack the sentry.

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Thats by design on purpose, why else give battleborns double jump and stuff