Incursion Minion Count Removal Theories?

Ok, so I just had a thought that possibly minion kill count Was removed in Incursion so as not to influence the “most stats won” tie breaker event?

Stop one team from just hardcore focusing on minion kills to secure one of the stat columns?

But this still doesn’t make sense to me, as, in a well played Incursion match, both teams should be clearing most, if not every wave.

And regardless, I don’t see why Minions wouldn’t be counted as valid of a metric for victory as anything else.

Were we ever given an official reason for minion kill removal?

Any other thoughts on why?

Thanks in advance.


Good question. I won’t directly ping any devs here…but if they’re looking in - would be nice to get an answer.

And will it ever be placed back? it was like, the coolest stat to look at in incursion because it gave some logic to a seemingly quiet otherwise performance. Wave Clearers need their props at the final stat screen


The flaw i’d see in the theory that it was removed to avoid a team focusing on minion kills to secure one of the stat columns is twofold. What’s to say it isn’t just as likely that someone would focus on building say accelerators to secure the buildables column. Or destroying accelerators / turrets, for that one. Going shield heavy and defensive to secure less damage taken, etc. The other part being that even if that was the thought process on a team’s part, if you’re demolishing minion waves chances are it won’t end in a tie anyways. Better wave clear usually means your own minions are arriving in tact to take down the sentry’s shield

P.S. Who goes in to a match playing for a tiebreaker anyways. I’d assume everyone is trying to / wants to win outright
P.P.S I still think it wasn’t a deliberate removal and just an oversight

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Pretty sure I saw a gbx dev say it was just a bug. But not 100% sure on my memory.

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But minions are the most important part, or maybe they wanna base it on most thralls taken.

I dunno, draws should end in a draw.

If you kill them 35 times more then they kill you and you still end up in a draw situation you really didn’t do anything better than they did. You actually probably played worse because they were able to achieve what you did with way less effort and while being hopelessly slaughtered.

They are just trying to make the more offensive team win harder.


Just remove the ■■■■■■■ Shepard bots for ■■■■’s sake. Overshields are not necessary!

Why? There’s no bigger “s–t” moment in Incursion than than when a Thrall, Elite Bot and Shepard wave simultaneously turn the corner into your Sentry base.

Someone strike the flag and start playing Taps, our Sentry has become the first real casualty of this fight.

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I understand the name of the game is escorting minions into the base area, but Shepards make things too easy and that coupled with the face that they are effected by the “2 min every minion gets tougher” rule makes it a grind to clear one minion wave. They are minions, I shouldn’t be spending the time it would take to kill a player to kill minion waves, that does not make me feel like a badass

If you’re playing a character that can crit shepherds shouldn’t be a problem at any level. It’s also not as though only one side gets it, once the enemies shepherd is down momentum has already changed to your favor. You don’t even need to clear the entire wave, your shielded bots will win the fight and continue forward.