Incursion mode sentry sniping

I’ll admit I just lost a game because of this. Down to the 5 minute mark and enemy had 30 sentry health left with ours near 100. We lost two players but I figured it was still a win as long as we kept minions cleared… But that wasn’t the case. I didn’t expect to win any team fights but I also didn’t think you could DPS the sentry down from full shields in less than 30 seconds. What really bothers me is how much of a disadvantage characters without ranged damage are in this game mode.

Yea melee characters should be more defensive/building items in this mode. This helps them level up faster and become very useful towards the end.

@jokerking9211 I disagree about gearing for armor. It’s also good if you can gear for damage and assassinate the enemy ranged Battleborn or at least distract them so their DPS on the current minion wave is negated/lessened.

Also about the sentry sniping…I don’t mean to make it so obvious, but just farm shards and get a Lv. 3 Thumper turret near the supply station spawn. The stinger turret in the tunnel isn’t nearly as useful as they aren’t very powerful and can be taken down by just about anyone by running in circles around it so it can’t lock onto you, but the Thumpers definitely help.

Also, keep an eye on the score meter - it shows when your sentry is under attack.