Incursion needs separate playlist!

There should be 2 pernament, separate playlists in Battleborn:

  1. With Incursion exclusively
  2. With everything else (Meltdown, Capture, Face-Off and NO Incursion)

Whatever changes are done to matchmaking and whatever new/temporary playlists are included, these 2 playlists must stay there forever and ever. Incursion is the most popular mode in Battleborn (especially when it’s Ovegrown) so it should have it’s own, separate playlist. Not only to cater majority of population (who votes for Incursion all the time), but also minority, who wants to play anything else than Incursion.

Really, when some people want to play Incursion 100th time in a row, they should have their own playground. When someone wants to play something else, there should be separate playlist where Incursion isn’t included. I have a quest to win 3 Meltdown matches, but despite trying whole weekend, I wasn’t able to do that. Not because I suck, but because I was trapped in Incursion matches time after time after time.


Yup. I enjoy playing meltdown occasionally, but usually play incursion. At least on Xbox, if incursion is in the queue, it gets voted for. I feel bad for the ones who want to play meltdown on a regular basis. I would think most people would be ok with waiting a few more minutes to play a mode they actually prefer playing, as opposed to to getting into any match quicker.


OMG did they do that stupid ■■■■ again where they lumped Incursion into the Quickplay matchmaking cue? I thought they learned their lesson the first time, people HATED that.


Apparently bots, quick, and big with a splash of draft every few days was too many queues to also have incursion. Welp

I say get rid of the public draft queue, keep it for private matches. With how we can see who everyone is picking is good enough for me in public matches.

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Incursion should take precedence over the strange one-offs like Big Head.

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Quick Match
Bots Battle

should all be static.

Draft/Big Head(or any other rumble) should be rotating.


Oh I’m not defending the choice. Just clarifying because he didn’t know

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Nah. I’m only voting Incursion cause it Meltdown is ■■■■■■ up now, if not then i vote capture

This EXACTLY. It’s the friendliest setup for new players, who can try Incursion when they are ready, instead of having that choice made for them by all the tryhard teams that only play Incursion. I HATE being an unwanted contributer to this problem as well, because if my team (casual, but GOOD casual) is waiting on a person to get on, and they tell us 15+ minutes, we feel inclined to pick Incursion. There are also just times where we feel like playing it, but don’t want to roll new players. It sucks. PLEASE, Gearbox, bring back AND KEEP the Incursion queue.


Since Bot Battles needs less player, could there be like two queues? Bot Battles Incursion and Bot Battles Metldown/Capture?

Are there THAT many people that would rather play against the computer/console than real people? I would think we should get a dedicated Incursion multiplayer queue before we get a dedicated Incursion Bots queue.

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BotsBattle should be moved to PVE or Training.
It’s great to have it as an option for new players and PVE only players but it should not take up a much needed spot in PVP.


Totally agree, logged in today to find only two options; quick match and bots battle. Why remove the draft queue and not replace it with Incursion? Incursion was highlighted by gearbox as the more competitive queue, so you give the upper end of the player base only one place to go for PvP, the same queue as those less experienced? This only leads to the imbalance (not to mention premades pubstomping) that turns so many away.

Also, this may be an unpopular opinion but any ‘fun’ modes such as big head rumble, chaos rumble etc, should be incorporated into Bots battle! These modes are supposed to be nonsense fun and have no place in the PvP areas of the game due to their inherent imbalance issues. ESPECIALLY when gearbox claim that they are removing popular queues like Incursion because they don’t want to dilute the player base between queues. Makes no sense at all and is totally backwards.

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Ideally, it should be:

Special Event Slot: Dedicated to any special event (Solo Queue, Big Head Mode, Chaos Rumble, etc)
Top Slot: Quick Match (Includes all modes except Incursion)
Middle Slot: Incursion (selecting this will bring up the option for Ranked or Unranked)
Bottom Slot: Versus Draft (includes all modes, but with stricter ELO)

Bots Battle would be moved into the Training Menu, as you’re primarily fighting against bots.


With the winter update and various sales their seems to be an influx of new players, at least on Xbox. I see more sub 100 players that veterans more often. IMO having stable queues seems beneficial for keeping these new players. I only got better at incursion because I primarily played incursion. And meltdown players got good the same way. This game requires some dedication to be able to play competitively, and having an unchanging system seems to me to be the right choice. This game has a lot to offer, but let’s face it. People like what they like, and I would assume that most would rather wait slightly longer for their mode of choice, than have to deal with quitters, which in turn can actually make wait times longer for everyone else. I don’t see how changing queues every other month will make this game more enjoyable for anyone. GBX made a great game IMO, and I think they should stick with that original queue system at launch as a constant, and have slots available for special queues that can rotate. This game needs some sort of stability. The meltdown players got their queue taken away, now incursion has too. These are the two most played modes for a reason. If you see a queue not doing well, either leave it alone, or remove/revamp it.

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Now all we have is Quick Match and Bots Battle

See people, this is why we can’t have nice things lol

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That’s the thing that irks me most about hearing that Gearbox did this AGAIN. The loss of dedicated Incursion matchmaking literally made people I knew quit playing or stop playing until it’s lone matchmaking status was revived. The most frustrating part about it was the number of options in Quickplay as there is Incursion, Meltdown, Capture and Faceoff game modes. However, for some reason Gearbox decided to not include one of every matchmaking type as an option, instead three of some modes with “No preference” on the board, which is a baffling decision.

Put in an option that allows one option for every game mode, so the Incursion mains, or the Meltdown mains, or the Face off or Capture mains ALL have an option to try and pick something they want instead of dropping one mode from the voting completely.

The most frustrating part about the “Quickplay for all your Battleborn competitive needs” (at least for me and the majority of people I played with) was the lack of our ability to choose how we got to play our game. If we spend OUR money and OUR time playing your game then Gearbox, guess who you’re making your game for? US. I have never played a game with a competitive online component, EVER, take away their player’s ability to search for specific game modes, not even CoD does this. Why you have done this for a second time is baffling.

I see/hear people talking that the reason for this is to be able to find matches quicker because the player base is dwindling. Guess what fellas, Battleborn came out too close to Overwatch for it to even have a fair start. This decision of Gearbox’s to tell us how to play our game that WE paid for only makes for more frustrating games as you get thrown into game modes you would never want to play and, if you get lucky enough to get the mode you want to play, the map is the worst of the three maps in the mode. (I’m looking at you Echelon, poorly designed Incursion map meant for the cheasiest of tactics, there’s a reason you’re only picked as a joke when your party is trying to troll one guy) Actually people don’t even troll with that map anymore, it used to be so bad it would be funny, but the game became so unbalanced with Ernest’s introduction and how much he dominates in that map.

Anyway, my seething hatred for Ernest aside, my point was that doing this again, to appeal to the people who would rather want match after match after match because more matches per hour means a better experience, I dunno, is driving a lot of people off and taking away whole matchmaking for certain modes (Incursion especially) will see the loss of more. If I had access to my PS4 I certainly wouldn’t put Battleborn in my console or play it competitively until I saw Incursion specific matchmaking return. Get with the program Gearbox, your decisions are confusing.


In reading through the posts again in this thread, the sentiment here is overwhelming.

Gearbox, the decision to force all PvP players into Quick Match and to have no way to ensure an incursion game was a huge mistake, and it may choke the remaining life out of this game that we all love so much.

It needs to be fixed, and I would welcome any explanation as to why it can’t be fixed by this Thursday’s Battleplan. The only explanation I have heard is that Gearbox is trying to optimize for short wait times to get into games. Here is the reality: at least on the consoles, we were able to get in games quickly enough without you forcing us all into one PvP queue. And forcing us into one queue is creating all sorts of problems - which have been set forth already by myself and others - that FAR outweigh any wait-time issues. So that reason does not stand up.

If such a drastic measure needs to be done on the PC because the population has dwindled that much, then do it on the PC only. The consoles’ populations have not dwindled that much yet, but you not fixing this mistake could send them there. Don’t kill your console base for the sake of arbitrary standardization across platforms.

The reality is that you are forcing people to play modes they don’t want to play. Non-incursion players are being forced to play incursion whenever it is one of the modes that can be voted on, and incursion players are being forced to play other modes whenever it is not. This is not sustainable and will put the nails in the coffin.

We have made ourselves clear, which is all we can do. The next move is yours.


I second this. The current situation with only 1 PVP queue (as many have said, bots battle is not PVP) is basically the only solution that is bound to upset almost everyone. Newbies get pubstomped, 5-mans are forced to pubstomp, incursion players are forced to play other modes (when Incursion isn’t a voting option), and people that hate incursion are forced to play incursion (when Incursion is an option and inevitably is chosen 90+% of the time). The current quick match + a dedicated Incursion queue (Ideally with Versus Draft but even without) is such an obvious improvement that I remain nonplussed that it hasn’t been implemented.