Incursion needs separate playlist!

I’ve played BB since it came out, but only recently have started playing non-private matches. Incursion is a blast for PvE, but the AI is less than stellar. I’d love to see an Incursion queue as a new “public” player. I’ve done a couple Incursions via quick match, which was fun, but I’m definitely looking for more Incursion PvP play.

I’m not as adamant as others are since I’m a casual player, but still… :slight_smile:

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Heck, even Bots Battle could go training.
Otherwise, I like that.

It could be back this Thursday. Jythri hinted at the possibility on Reddit.

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I just saw that. I’m hoping to see a post on these forums soon.

I totally agree incursion should get it’s own que, and then be removed from quick match because even with an incursion que, peeps STILL vote for it in the quick matches if it’s there.

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