Incursion not finding matches

Hey everyone, ive been trying to load up incursion all day and the game wont find any matches. Just says searching opponets over and over… Anyone else having this issue ? I pre ordered with the season pass and this game mode is pretty much the only reason!

same here. tried every mode with same result… have yet to be able to play a multiplayer game at all… game forces you to be online and yet has yet to allow me to play any online features because of this broken matchmaking. I don’t want to be mad but this is pathetic for a launch day…

Might help to know what region you guys are in.

Since 1 hour i cant find any versus game. Sometimes i find teams, but no enemys. Its for all game modes, its disgusting. Im level 18, located in germany, europe. Im on PC.

I’m in USA… I only tried a few hours since I’ve had to work tonight but it never found a single person ever… I let it sit 10-20+ minutes several times without anyone ever showing. I’ll be trying it again here soon when I get home. also I’m on xbox

Also on xbox one here. Nat is open running (1.0.1). I found one game since ive posted this .

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I came back from work and have wasted another hour with the game still not even connecting 1 person even for a second… I’m running xbone and 1.0.1 and open nat too… I’m getting ready to return the game and throw gearbox into the endless pit of other companies I used to love and now won’t touch.

Odd I’m USA playstation and everything has been going fine. Once early on it was a 5 min wait, but after that only a minute at max