Incursion ruined

I am baffled by the new direction Incursion has taken. 5 min matches. No exp, winning at lvl 4. If I wanted fast matches I woukd have played meltdown or capture.


Could it be it was an unintented steamrolling and your rival teams just did not knew the minions got buffed?
That would explain the fast game here.

At all I highly doubt an average time of 5-10minutes is intendet bby GBX. Just give the people time to adjust to the stronger minions, not all players read the patchnotes so it can take time.

I can imagine that in the meantime unknowing teams will struggle alot with the buffed robots.

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I have done 9 matches so far and they have all ended in less than 10 min. The new minions heavily favor strong AOE classes and if you have enough AOE you dont need to kill your opponents at all the over shield minions and the thralls can wipe the sentinals in seconds. It makes the singke target and specialty heroes feel less than useless.

I’ve heard that Shepards have also returned to Incursion. Can’t say I’m thrilled about that. Shepards used to either cause the match to be a stalemate, or basically let your team just steamroll in. I also don’t like how it’s an escape for enemy players you’re about to kill. If Gearbox really wants them in incursion, can you guys at least make it so that they only give allied minions a shield; instead of allied players?


It sounds like the minions actually need to be prioritized as intended and people are yet to adjust.

The game is about escorting the minions to the sentry after all and having to actually account for them with dedicated waveclear is fundamental to the game.

Haven’t tried it yet but sounds like potentially a good change that will require some adaptation and better team building.


Even in the 2 or 3 well matched games I came across one team wipe ended the game because of the shepherds we could roll the creeps stright up to the sentinals, completely ignore the respawning heroes and just focus the sentinal. Feels really wrong. You still needed the creeps before but the gamepace didnt feel so rushed. They also ibcreased the ru speed of the creeps it feels like.

Wait they brought the shepherds back too? That sounds really questionable in combo with minions getting stronger… Do the shepherds become more effective as well?

I hope this is just people not adjusting but if this makes later game dudes less viable it’s quite concerning

First time I hear that, I wonder why it was not mentioned in the patchnotes. (Still waiting for the download to finish, so I can´t go in a match yet…)

If they enabled the Shepard again while buffing the minions + an increase in minion-damage every 120sec it will definately play dfferently. I´m excited and a bit anxious at the same time…I hate it to be killed by this tiny bots^^
Come on stupid download, load faster!!!

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Its honestly not fun. It makes certain heroes completely useless it seems. All the matches I have had have come down to who has better AoE and who can kill the creeps the fastest. I have had several where we outplayed the other team on almost every level. But they had an ernest and a thorn and the creeps became too much. We had out killed them 36 kills to 12 and they won because we couldnt kill the creeps fast enough. It basically forces you to bring as much AoE as possible. The matches wherr I played Ore di and my friend played ernest we won i. 3-5 minutes. The creeps are absurd and they kill the sentinals so fast its banannas.


I am curious to hear other peoples thoughts after playinb a few rounds. But basically everything I liked about Incursion is gone. The matches are absurdly fast now, hero kills mean nothing. It took me 3 kills to hit lvl 2 as orendi. I liked incursion because it was long and you had a chance to make a comeback if you held out. Now if you mistep once it can be over in minutes because the sentinals drop so fast. They dont do as much damage either as before. Or the frequent overshields from the broken creeps just has me feeling like a god.

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So did your team ever have a wave clearer? I don’t know if bringing back the shepards was a good idea, but it helps immensely if you have one dedicated pusher on your team just as it helps to have a support.

Does that mean they’ve changed the way experience is accumulated as well?

GOD DAMN IT 40 mins still of work before I can get my hands on the game…

Not that I know of. Hey, @JoeKGBX @Jythri, can you give us some info on the situation?

You need more than one wave clearer now it seems. Especially once it hits 8min. The creeps get so fast and they basically igbore players and run straight for each other or if no creeps in the way straight for the sentinal. And the Shepherds really suck because they give nearby players overshields as well. And the matches where we had two or more heavy wave clear heroes we flattened the otber team. You dot even have to pay attention to the enemy pkayers anymore. Just sit back at a reasonable distance smash the opposing creeps and watch as the other team has to stop harassing you and defend their sentinal or lose. If you kill the creeps fast enough you can ignore the other team almost altogether.

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Incursion was fine as it was. Creeps were still important for dropping the sentinals shields before going in. Now it just feels rushed and less strategic. And it mercilessly punishes less than the optimal team composition.


Perhaps with the scaling and the shepherds shield pen will finally be viable? I will say that the traditional wave clearers often had the advantage in incursion but at this interval it seems Ernest and orendi(and Benedict? Probably ISIC) are absolutely paramount and the top picks for the game mode

Yeah I noticed a change in play for incursion as well. Sentinels are dying too fast just from regular creep pushes. I feel like your penalized fighting anywhere but the main lane. I liked incursion since it was the one mode where rocking 3 legendarys was do able but the speed in which the matches move now its over too quickly. Not too mention having characters like Ernest or Oscar mike I could burn a sentinel before around level 2 or 3 in the first 4 minutes. This also seems problematic with battleborn that can backdoor already. The rewards at this point were from 70-100 credits which maybe in the long run is more efficient to do 4 min matches but not fun.

If gbx is dead set on the shield bot maybe add a 600 shard cost and it shares the cooldown with the elite bot so you pick one or the other and there not as frequent.

Maybe its just me but I’d prefer to reverse the changes to incursion.


Honestly, I haven’t had any problems so far with there being shepard minions, even with only one wave clearer on my team. It just forces you to focus on the minions for a few seconds more. I also never understood the complaint about overshields on players because both teams receive the overshield as long as you’re pushing with the wave as players should.

I thought the only reason shepards were removed was due to a bug that caused them to spawn in groups.


Fun fact; You could already do this before the update.

I’m surprised it isn’t taking even less time though, haha.

But I think Gearbox is going to have a lot to with some minion balance in the future. Headhunters in Face-Off are also silly - they are far too useful compared to the pathetic 150 Shard cost.


I’m not seeing a single problem here, it sounds as though Incursion is more minion focused now and less about farming enemy BB. This game isn’t supposed to be about racking up high kills on enemy BB, that’s a secondary objective minions should always be priority, the way you’re describing the current state makes it sound like the game is now being played the way it was intended. If you can’t wave clear you’ll lose, it’s always been that way, now there’s emphasis on clearing waves and you’re upset by this? I don’t understand. If you think matches are snowballing because minions are destroying sentries quickly then the answer is obvious, kill the minions. If matches are really over in under ten minutes, obviously the winning teams are effectively wave clearing while the losing teams are not and they should be punished for that. This sounds excellent, my update just finished can’t wait to play.