Incursion Sentry Agro

Please tell me why in incursion the sentry ignores our minions and prioritizes battleborn? what is the point of shepherding minions to the enemy sentry if they do not pull agro away from you? Had a team with three melee, ambra and toby going against a orendi, kleese, isic, thorn and marquis that would never leave their base, and our toby never left ours. Everytime i tried to push in and clear buildables, I was instantly shot by the enemy sentry even though we had a full wave of minions, thralls and elite bot.
So essentially every encounter was 1 melee vs 3-5 range battleborn, 2 turrets and the sentry because our minion waves did not distract any of the enemy at all. Ridiculous.

My team still won but it was aggravating to be at a stalemate nearly the entire match. GTFO of your damn base.


Okay so this is about two different issues, correct?

About the sentry: if the sentry isn’t attacking the minions then your minions will last longer and deal damage to the enemy sentry which is a good thing. You’re suppose to guide minions to the sentry so they can take down its shield.

This makes the opposing team rush to kill your minions and prioritize killing Battleborn and defending their sentry altogether. The sentries do a ton of damage but they need to. I don’t really notice a pattern with who the sentry decides to target. I know im usually hit a lot, lol.

I don’t see an issue with minions not being targeted. I haven’t paid attention to the sentry attacking minions while we are in the fray though. They’re definitely slow to attack lone minions that I have to sometimes take care of.

Your second issue, people staying in the base: I have witnessed this when we’re losing or someone’s surrender fails and they don’t want to rage quit. Only seen it a few times straight from the start of a match but not in a month.

Never heard of a whole team staying in tho. Dang. Least it was a semi easy win.

Melee are definitely harder to keep up when going at the sentry. You’re usually the one getting attacked and go down quick. Been there.

Ranged are definitely at an advantage.

Lol as Phoebe the sentry can’t track me when I dance around it. Otherwise I just try to kill buildables and minions instead of directly attacking the sentry.

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I’ve recently figured out that if you attack a battleborn in their base, the sentry will target you immediately. So whoever you want the sentry to focus on you, just get that player to shoot an enemy player in range of the sentry. This way your other team mates and minions can do sentry damage without worrying.

The person drawing the aggro will have to refresh it every so often, but still a good thing to know.

Incursion is a fairly broken mode to begin with. Only having one real lane means that there’s very little strategy involved, and that it’s mostly just enemy teams smashing their heads together. Once you do finally make progress it turns into one team just hanging out around their sentry and shooting out, knowing that they can just hide if they take too much damage because you can’t push up towards them without the sentry nuking you. The second sentry is even worse. They can just camp on the ledge outside the door of their spawn and shoot down, then take one step and be safely inside their base if they start taking damage.

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Shame it’s the only mode you can still find a match.

Once the shields are down sentry prioritizes battleborn.
Not sure why that’s a problem since you can knock down and stun the unshielded sentry with powers or leg armor damage.

It’s a problem because it’s stupid. It’s a PvP gametype. Provided you’re completing the objective of escorting your minions to the enemy sentry, your primary concern should be other players, not stupid AI. The way the sentry AI works it turns Incursion into you just trying to chip away at the robot while also trying to dodge its gunfire and the attacks of five enemies.

My biggest issue with this that I literally get prioritized by the sentry no matter the circumstance. I’ve had matches where I had friends fighting in enemies base with minions and still I peek around the corner and immediately get shot by the sentry while it ignores all my friends inside. Tons of cases where I see enemy players run right through our base without or sentry attacking them once but as soon as I show my face to their sentry I get shot in the face. I don’t understand it. Its funny and not funny at the same time my friends call me the sentry magnet as it literally happens all the time. Would really like it’s targeting fixed for the cases of battleborn running in and not getting hit at all, the other night I had a Boldur run right past our sentry to steal out shards on the inside without the sentry so much as looking his way, and this was while we had them pushed fairly far back into their base.

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No they prioritize rather shields are up or down, and it’s the most frustrating thing ever.

It is extremely frustrating! There’s nothing worse than getting a really big push of minions and while he’s destracted try to go in for damage (especally if you’re melee!) and you get nuked to high heaven before you can even make it to the sentry! Like what’s the point of bringing all those bots if you’re just gonna get shot anyways?!

It’s hell trying to do anything as Deande when you push bots, get shot, and one of the other teams player’s stun you for the death and you can’t assassinate cause they’re dancing around their sentry cause they know you will get shot by it.

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