Incursion super minions too strong?

So the title explains it adequately…
In my opinion the super minions (I believe they are called shepards… The ones which pulse overshields) gained when destroying the first “objective” in incursion mode simply provide too much pushing pressure. Once that first objective is gone if your team can’t do the same quickly… Well comebacks aren’t exactly common.
I do like the mechanic of gaining super minions however, it makes sense and is a good inclusion overall but they just seem a bit too strong now.
An alternate thing which I dislike but it similar is how any structures established by the defending team are destroyed upon obliteration of the first objective…

I completely agree. It should be harder to destroy the last sentry, not easier.

Shepards really are ridiculous with how much they use the Overshield. This is actually in both mode.

I’m fine with them staying around but the amount of time the shield being used should at least go down by about half. I could fire 2 rockets to break the shield as Benedict, fire another one and it will just recast the overshield already. You need to dedicate the group’s burst to killing that wave and the enemy can just charge in while your stuffs are on CD.

Well in meltdown both teams get shepards so it doesn’t matter too much there, but if you were to say minions as a whole in this game may be a bit too powerful I may agree. In meltdown sometimes I will find myself alone with an enemy minion wave and that is exactly when you notice how strong they are, they do not kid around in this game, also very noticable in some death recaps- sometimes I will see like 500 damage done to be by a player and 1000 or so done by minions.