Incursion: The magic is gone

Or maybe it’s just Alani’s fault. But then it could be the Thrall knock-up in a game that is already way too full of Hurr-Durr. Or maybe it’s a combination of all the nerfs and changes so far. Maybe I’m just burned out on Battleborn or playing Overgrowth every single match. And then there are randoms who just want to camp in the base all day instead of winning.

Whatever it is, the magic is gone… not finding myself enjoying Incursion since the Alani/Minions change.

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The Thrall knockup does happen a bit too often I think. That being said, Thralls melt pretty easily if your team focuses it down which makes getting mercs practically worthless.

Alani definitely needs a little tone down on her damage. I’m ok with her healing and big burst heal now and then but she’s ending up high on Kill column very often and judging from damage recounts on death it’s not because she just ninja’d the last hit.

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Alani getting nerf this week, but maybe try Meltdown. I only played Meltdown until they fixed the cheese on Overgrowth and it was a blast. I find Incursion pretty fun now, but Meltdown is still my fav

… I’m not sure why everyone continues to just vote this every time, I’ve had some great games on Echelon.

It’s funny played with a Mastery ISIC that just kept back-dooring the enemy team on Overgrowth yesterday… did nothing useful for the team except for damaging the sentry like a jerk (on my team mind you, I still despise it)

The next match he was on our team again so we all voted for Echelon… He wound up going 1 and 4 and quitting.

Echelon separates the men from the boys :wink:


I think people dislike Echelon because everyone is shard starved and you really have to go out of your way sometimes to collect the shard clusters. There’s also only one large cluster to go after which is kind of lame.

I think if they fixed the shard issue Echelon would be more popular. As it is now you basically have to have a special gear loadout slot just for Echelon for your favorite heroes made of greys/greens.

Personally I love the minions change but Alani needs a nerf. Not sure what it is with Gearbox designing characters who can do everything but a high-damage self-healing cc-dealing wave-clearing “support” just doesn’t make any sense. Alani far too often leads in kills, minions, and damage dealt. If she’s a support, that just shouldn’t be possible. If she’s not a support, then lose the healing abilities. If she’s support, then tone down her damage and self-heal.

The minion change is great though. Minions and getting Thralls actually matters now. We’ve actually had teamfights over the mid Thralls, it’s awesome. The knock-up is a bit insane in the range department but hardly matters.


Echelon is a fun map and in a lot of ways I prefer it to Overgrowth. Harder to cheese and with more choke points. The issue it is so much harder to get shards and afford gear on Echelon. If they would just add some more shards, I think it would see more play.

My Echelon loadout involves a shard-generator with discount, and a discount with shard-generation, then character legendary (or most valuable purple for incomplete lore).

I build ALL THE THINGS in Echelon; anyone who looks at my stats afterwards will be confused as hell at my 30-40 buildables score.

Never cheap gear. =P

Well if you know how the timer works for the small shards on the map and you know where they are at. It is actually pretty fast to get gear on Echelon.

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Echelon forces chokes, lot’s of people still have fps issues in it, and the shard placement is wonky is why everyone chooses overgrowth. As for your Alani and thrall issues, that’s strictly l2p. Don’t get salty because you can’t adapt to new players or…gasp…npcs.

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It’s true. Your group of 5 whooped my low leveled pugs ass on Echelon like 2 days ago lol

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Send me a FR, you can join my team any time! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Echelon actually has a decent amount of gold, but it’s more distributed. All of the gold in echelon is 65 gold. In overgrowth, the 4 closest golds to spawn are 135?, the ones up until the front of your base area are 65, and then everything towards the center is only 25. So you end up getting a lot of gold in overgrowth by heading back to base, but on echelon you can actually farm a lot of gold by just holding center.

Echelon is a far more balanced map that is far more skill based and the open platform makes it hard to cheese. That being said it is easier to starve a team of shards if you push them to their sentry so a large shard between the sentries wouldn’t be uncalled for.

Its way to big and there’s no real counter-play to the thralls charging up your sentries loading ramp.

IMO they need to make a 2-3 lane map

I think a lot of people experience fps issues honestly. I can’t play on the same settings as i can on any other mission in the game

Send a request to me too.

GT: F5 blackbeard

Not feeling so bad about Incursion now that I quit playing melee characters. Guess that was the change I needed. I no longer get knocked up enough times every match to start a small American prarie pioneer family.