Incursion Thralls can insta-kill players with 3000 damage hits

I was on Echelon playing as Whiskey Foxtrot. The Thrall was on the stairs in front of my first sentry and as I killed it I died for no apparent reason, from near full health. It did exactly 3000 damage to me in < 1 second. There were no assists granted to the enemy team, just the damage from the Thrall. I remembered reading a thread about this a couple days ago when it happened to another guy: Insta killed by a thrall? so it doesn’t seem to just be a one time fluke.

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Definitely a bug. I’ve never had that happen. I’ve only died through my own stupidity :frowning:

Hey thanks, yeah I don’t know why this is and im on ps4 so its multiple systems to, will try to report it.