Incursion: thralls

Have you ever noticed when your sentry spider takes damage that teammates are attacking thralls? Do these summoned thralls then even make it out the base alive? Can some characters take thrall camps easier than others?
If you answered yes to any questions above then keep reading!
Playing with poor communication online in random matchmaking, thrall camps can make or break games. If you’re unsure whether you can take a camp “in time,” please don’t try: Get to the front line, to the minion wave that’s stripping sentry shield. Thralls on your team should replace dead opponents. If there’s one character picture with countdown, then go for 1 thrall. And don’t be greedy, because the minute you kill two, the respawner will kill you-and take your thralls!! Double thrall camps should never be attacked alone, unless late game when you’re off respawn and your team is at sentry.
Just some tips to improve team play. It’s a pain in the neck to see leads wash away, because teammates are at thrall camps -clueless to the parade-an ocean of minions and enemies to slay


There are plenty of characters who can take mid thralls by themselves, and a good team will push a fight to mid thralls when they have an advantage (one player down, or a few just wounded, with the wave pushed up) in order to make the other team either address them and fight (and hopefully lose) or to get the push going.

Quite frequently we’ll time back thralls first with one melee assassin, then have them drop to doubles, and help our other assassin finish them off, then all three hit mid around the same time. If they come to fight, mid just lets them by and the whole team traps them in with the thralls… a 4v5 with two thralls thrashing about = a good situation for your team fight.

You lose some lane pressure, doing both at the same time, but if one person on the other team is down, they only have 4 to push back with, into the 3 holding lane with a turret, and if one is wounded on top of that, then it’s an even matchup at mid. You can turn one downed enemy into a 3 thrall advantage in just a few moments if you coordinate on it, and we typically do this around level 5, we just throw some ults into the mix to secure them.

I feel like a lot of people don’t capitalize on advantages in this game to grab the thralls, three of them marching forward at the same time is all but going to guarantee some damage on the sentry.

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I try to get thrall when i can because of the respawn timer seem to only start when the last on died, and not on its spawn. The outkast, depending on who im playing i just let the other team attack, and hit them while they not looking.

I see your attacking the outkast over there. Be a real dick move if someone transformed into a giant gun and release all over your faces. (Press Y), yea would be a real dick move lol.