Incursion? Win three matches of incursion quest

My current quest is to win three matches of incursion. I’ve only ever done solo play (but I’m willing to do multiplayer if need be).

The thing is, I can’t figure out how to queue for incursion. Help please?

Thanks much!

Just queue up for “Versus public” and then “chaos rumble” you will be sure to find atleast one Incursion on the voting list~

Thank you!

EDIT: Ninjad by @iskikun :heart:

Depending on which console you play you may have to enter a different queue.
Usually you need to enter Public PvP, then select “Quick Match”. In the map-selection you (and the other players) get 3 maps to choose, one will most likely be an Incursion-map.
The 3 maps are

  • Monuments
  • Overgrowth
  • Echelon

(I´m not sure how the different queues are on PC and PS4 atm, but there was a pure Incursion-queue when I recall it right. Atm Chaos Rumble might have taken its place, but Chaos Rumble is only temporary)

I’m on pc if that makes a difference.

Seems like even on PC, @iskikun’s advice will work. Thanks to you both.

btw, sorry about the weird quoting, just getting used to these forums.

Thanks again!

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No problem! Good luck in your matches :smiley:

does playing bots work for the quest? you can finish those games in like 5 minutes for those who always complain about pvp.

It doesn’t work vs bots.

If you haven’t done solo Incursion Training you can get one easy win… 3 Man Training won’t count, but I suggest using Ghalt to get an easy First blood for his Lore as well.

Should be Quick about it, before it gets patched.

i grinded so long on PvP to get ghalts first blood. taking so many foolish rushes in the beginning of the match, hoping to catch a poor battleborn off guard. i was terrible with him and many times they got first blood on me because even if i hit with the hook or trap i coulnd always finish them off. randomly i got it one day by sticking with the team and finishing someone off that was in the middle of a firefight. i never played him again in PvP after that. do like to use him sometimes on Renegade or other defend missions.

…Odd thing is I have this quest and it says I did one, but I have not.

The OP´s questions have been answered and things go a little off tracks now.