Incursionborn only option anymore?

I don’t have any big thesis here or anything but I recently stopped playing BB due to never getting anything besides Incursion matches. I know this is frequently mentioned but I’m curious why this is the only option people generally choose, I understand capture can be more of a chaotic mess but I’ve always felt meltdown has more of a strategic edge to it, ganks, solo laneing, switching, etc.

Anyway just looking for some feedback on the appeal of Incursion or the reasons why people don’t prefer Meltdown.

I don’t hate Incursion or anything but it is always the same grouping up tactics with little room for variation, which imo causes it to become stale quicker than Meltdown, which has a much higher opportunity for comebacks and unique team comps.


If you’re on PC, then it’s literally the only option. On PS4 on NA both take a few minutes, but nothing too horrific. Australia is another story. Xbox is much more balanced. All queues are healthy rather than just Incursion


Matchmaking on PC and PS4 is going to be changing up soon enough so you will be able to play game modes other than Incursion soon enough. I don’t have an ETA for when the changes will arrive however.


Meltdown is NOT a consistently healthy queue on PS4.


I was thinking about this. What if, when I get into Battleborn, I tell all of my friends that are currently in there to go to the Meltdown queue, and all of them do the same thing. Do you think that we could start a revival that way?

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Or GBX could have a “Meltdown Madness” event with goodies to sweeten the pot for participating. I like the sound of “Meltdown Madness”!


Couldn’t agree more. I too stopped playing Battleborn thanks to the lack of players in the Meltdown queue.

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I think that is a good idea, but not super realistic, thats why I’m kind of confused because all of the people I’m friends with prefer Incursion, however I have not gone out of my way to ask why. That being said it just seem generally unpopular.

I’m sure there are certain times of the day where it is possible to get a Meltdown, but I play on PS4 and it was probably a solid week (being generous) that Meltdown waits were 15+ minutes, which in my opinion is unreasonable. I’m sure it isn’t totally dead but for someone who would benefit the player base by coming back on I’m totally out of luck hoping to get a quick game of Meltdown in.

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@vaulthunter101 I’d personally enjoy that but it would be more of a bandage than an actual solution, as soon as the event ends it would be back to normal.

@Kaleidodemon Yeah I think you’re right but if the player base continues to decline wont the people who prefer incursion just choose that? Leaving us back in the same situation?
Not to mention who knows when that will actually end up happening, things like these need to be handled quickly and not relegated to “the next big patch” because me and other players like me aren’t really interested in waiting a month just to play again.

Really not trying to be overly negative, I have just really enjoyed this game and am sad it seems to be falling apart at the seams.

I miss the spotlight battles. It encouraged people to play different kinds of map with more credits/exp on the line. I usually have capture, but I still played it here and there.

I’m not gonna lie. Incursion is a seriously boring affair to me these days. This is likely due to me loving El Dragon and Attikus, two characters that are significantly better in all modes other than Incursion. But even aside from my character bias, Meltdown is far more dynamic in how a match can go. Incursion feels like it comes down to, “Who has the better tank+healer and wave clear.” F*** my life if the other team has a Benedict and an Ernest and I pick melee.


I really do miss Meltdown and Capture!

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I always choose Incursion now when playing. This isn’t because I don’t like Meltdown as I do (though I don’t really like Capture). It’s purely because of the waiting time to get into a Meltdown match.

I’m on the PS4 and I’ve found that, in recent weeks, queue times have been increasing for all modes. I used to be able to get into an Incursion game in around 2 minutes, now it typically takes 5-10 minutes. Meltdown used to take 5 minutes to get into, now I can sit in the queue for 10-15 minutes or more before getting a game or getting bored and leaving the queue.

Sadly the loss of players from Battleborn seems to be getting worse on all platforms, especially PC but now also on PS4 (I’ve heard that XBox seems to be OK currently). So the proposed queue changes are needed to allow us to play other modes but ultimately, Gearbox and 2K need to do something to not just bring in new players but to bring back and retain the many Battleborn players who have currently left the scene.

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I have experienced this as well on PS4.

I truly hope that Gearbox cans and will do something to fix this crumbling situation before it becomes unfixable!

It’s got to such a state now for me that rather than play several nights a week as I used to, I’m now playing less. In addition, I also ended up trying Overwatch during its free weekend and subsequently bought it and I’m spending more time on that (as the queues are very short, the matches don’t drag on and it suffers less from quitters) rather than my beloved Battleborn.

So yes, they do need to fix this and various other issues fairly quickly before things deteriorate too far (that includes not just the matchmaking but the quitters/afkers as well as balancing issues).



Sadly, I’ve been playing less lately, as well.

Except during the amazing Chaos Rumbles!

And I’ve sadly heard this from a lot of other people, as well.

I think Incursion became the more popular mode for a few reasons:

The games on Incursion seem to last longer and even before the longer queue times/diminished player base, people wanted their “money’s worth” for waiting to get into a game.

Not being disrespectful here but Incursion has a lower learning curve & you can do well on the mode by just running to the middle & exchanging skills like “pew pew pew”:joy:

You can also solo queue Incursion & carry a bad team or at least not worry about dying a million times like on the other 2 modes if you are matched with a bad team.


Pretty much and it is pretty annoying. I don’t dislike incursion, but I prefer the other two. Even if it was my favorite, it is easy to get tired of it when it is basically your only option

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I don’t know if I agree with that last point.

It is true. You can carry a team on incursion. If you can clear minion waves quickly and escort a thrall + giant minion together, you can use them as a distraction to get a wave of minions to the enemy sentry. While the enemy team deals with the thrall and giant minion, you can kill them and start wailing on sentry before they respawn.

You can’t do that kind of thing on meltdown or capture. There has to be teamwork to win.