Incursion's Shepard bots. Where did they go?

Okay, i honestly don’t know weither this is a glitch or not, but where are the Shepard bots in Incursion mode?

Now, i’m not saying a miss the damn things, it’s just that after last week’s update i haven’t seen them anymore. It took my friend mentioning it just last night for me to realize that.

I’ve read each and EVERY SINGLE Battleplan and Update that has dropped since the game’s launch. There was NOTHING about removing the Shepard bots from Incursion.

Truth be told, i’m perfectly okay with this! However, if this was in fact intentional, i dont appreciate the silent update without mentioning.

I just noticed it yesterday I think they stealth removed them after the glitch where they wouldn’t always leave base then go as a group of like 8 shepards.

That’s some glitch!

yeah, I know one of the devs said they patched it but I didnt think they would have taken them out all together.

I noticed this last night but i think it has to do with the glitch where 8 of them would show up at once. I’d say they’re trying to figure out the problem and the easiest way to do it was take them out temporarily…it wouldn’t have been in the battleplan because it happened right after the last update

Edit: Got sidetracked while writing this and didn’t realize someone already answered your question lol