Independent apps for Borderlands

I have absolutely zero knowledge in terms of game development and this may be a subject that has been discussed before, so forgive me if this sounds silly. I play a ton of Destiny and one of the more convenient things are independent apps ( Ishtar Collective, Destiny Item Manager) giving players the ability to moves things around from different characters and the vault. Are there apps for Borderlands that allow players to do the same thing( I am not aware of any )? Is this something that Gearbox doesn’t allow or is it just something no one has wanted to develop?

As far as I’m aware they haven’t released the information people need to make these apps. My theory is because in a week we would be duping items on our phones.

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This is a very likely factor. Outside of Gearbox (or 2K) implementing something themselves, or providing an API to do so, there’ll be nothing like this out there.

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Never had this for Borderlands games.