Indistinguishable Projection Com?

This com has to be the rarest item in the game. I’ve been farming it on the “turn in mission” of Badass round of the holodome for days now (5) and have only seen 1 purple, 4 blues and a butt load of greens. Does anyone have an extra with AA, Company Man and Best Foot Forward? Would like to have one that has 5 Absolute Advantage. Can work out a trade. My psn is Sun_TsuNami. On ps3 or ps4.

U shoulda farmed it on like round 4 or something when it was guaranteed.

The com is guaranteed on the Badass round, but not guaranteed to be a purple.

Well, I guess this game is dead if no one is farming this com. If I placed a “want ad” in BL2 I would have gotten more than a “shoulda” response. That’s too bad.


I just said those same words to a buddy of mine. I have been dashboard farming for that com for a while now. I have only seen the blue variety as a reward. I’ve been using 2 different blue projection coms and a random blue com plus moonstones and I have yet to see the purple variety. It has to be the rarest item in the game.

Seriously! :scream: I have seen more Berrigans than even the blue com.

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Just got the purple with 5/4/4 but the Hyperion damage is low. One small victory over the Farming Gods. :grinning: