Infection or the Hornet

Which do you prefer and why?

Hornet, for being the one with enough power to kill enemies at a decent rate. The Infection is pretty lackluster for damaging purposes although it pairs “well” with Krieg’s Elemental Empathy.

Hornet definitely.
Infection may be a niche weapon as maveco said

Yet, also I’ve seen that also is a nice new alternative for maya as well.

Even on Hellfire Krieg, I’ve preferred the Hornet.

Now, a lot of this may have to do with the fact that I practically stumbled upon a near perfect Hornet out of sheer dumb luck.

I feel like there are some situations where you could make good use of the unique nature of the Infection, but the Hornet is an anti-armor tool from hell.

The Infection is pretty underwhelming compared to most corrosive pistols. Of the five (Hornet, Gub, Teapot, Dahlminator, Infection) I would rank it only above the Dahlminatior, which is pretty bad.

The Hornet is much, much better and it’s friend the Teapot is much better as well. Same for the Gub which is very underrated IMO. If you need a corrosive gun, those 3 are your best bets.

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With slag the Infection will burn down enemies with the DoT alone and is quite powerful in that regard. However its range, arc, and upfront damage is underwhelming. It is however nasty even at OP8 against loaders.

The Hornet on the other hand is a deadly Dahl pistol when used properly and against armored targets with critical hit locations it decimates them. Whereas the Gubb and Infection have slow projectiles the Hornet does not suffer from such a flaw which makes it a powerful weapon against Buzzards and distant enemies.

You cannot go wrong in taking up the Hornet but the Infection is good if you can put up with its flaws and it does make for a good hit and run weapon.

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Hornet cause its a powerful weapon and tears through enemies real quick . But i also really like the infection its alot of fun and a good corrosive weapon.

I did some running with the infection through Washburn for a test/build/fun recently. Maya can make it insanely powerful, and I didn’t even stick a Witch COM on.

Doing 3.5M in DoT damage melts robots…and you can 1 shot a Superbadass Loader with Ruin & Cloud Kill inc.

The Hornet would be my next choice, and myself and @IdlePhantom used them to good effect through our UVHM co-op. The Hornet is easy to farm too.

eidt: (incorrect statement. Cloud Kill was doing 3.5M DoT damage) after more testing of weapons and CK

Yeah I’d have to go with the hornet. The infection I found was pretty much just a dumbed down version of it for a dlc. Plus like DaRTH said above It is really to farm!


On Salvador, Krieg and Gaige, I prefer the Infection. On anyone else, the Hornet is hard to beat.

Sal can’t ADS, so the hornet is hard to use. Gaige can push DoT damage quite high, and shooting it with Hellborn krieg might kill slower than the Hornet, but while it’s working, you’re basically immortal.

Outside those specific cases, the Hornet is a total beast while the infection is just good.


So glad you stated this. I’m not much a Krieg player, but I remember testing his Elemental health drain on robots in Arid Badlands. I stood there with 3 of them in front of me melting as I drained health to stay alive. I then went on to using it through Bloodshots for pure health regen and against Armoured Maniacs. Very effective!

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I knew I wasn’t joking on the Infection xDDD

[quote=“Jimmy_cornflower, post:5, topic:1161305”]The Hornet is much, much better and it’s friend the Teapot is much better as well.[/quote]Better comparison question is “Teapot vs. Hornet”, depending on whether you prefer stronger-but-shorter shots/bursts, or vice versa.