Infiltrator class mod

Anyone know how big a damage boost this class mod actually gives?

I recently got it and figured it paired nicely with Rough Rider (abit worried about survival though).

Current guesstimate going around is 20%.

I tested against a Technical and got ~20%.

I had hoped for alot more considering you give up alot of survivabillity :frowning:

Everything about Zane is weaker compared to the other vault hunters, including his class mods. I have a hard time wrapping my head around why they made him so weak. The worst offender is his anointments. For example, on release his dmg buff anointment was 75% while Amara’s was 300%!!! And even though they have since buffed it to 130% is still not three freaking hundred!!! I wonder who play tested him after playing all the other vault hunters and thought, “he is just perfect, ship it!!!”? It’s a real head scratcher.

I always assumed that, the reason the damage boost is lower on Zane, is because they both have the same duration but Zane can re-proc it more often. That’s assuming they both get their action skill back in a similar time frame. I can totally be wrong though.

So if I was to make an infiltrator/Rough rider build, which skills would actually work w. RR?

Been reading alot about it, but still cant get a clear view of which skills actually work with the 0 shields from Rough Rider

Nothing really works. Rise to the Occasion is supposed to work but I haven’t noticed it healing faster than with a partially filled shield. But that could just be that the difference between zero shields and partial aren’t huge for this skill.

That actually makes sense. But 75% at launch? Total gip!

You CAN make Adrenaline work with the rough rider but I assume it’s a glitch.
Equip any other shield with capacity, spec adrenaline, Equip RR.
If you then respec again and put 0 points into adrenaline you still get the Bonus, but it’s gone when you leave the game.

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The dude that was supposed to balance the VHs probably started with Zane and sweated the release date. The boss was like “Johnson!!! Are you done balancing all the characters? Release is tomorrow!” Johnson puts the paper with the balance changes of Zane on top of the unchanged papers of all other VHs. “Y-Y-YEAH I was done ages ago, t-t-totally”.


So I just found out, that this glitch has nothing to Do with adrenaline.
It’s because of the guardian rank perk “topped of”
Works on any Character. Equip any shield except the RR, respec, spend one point, respec again, one point, respec, repeat infinetaly. The Bonus stacks each time you respec.


Now Gearbox knows!!!

When they fix this I’m holding you personally reponsible! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hahahaha it’s allready on youtube - that’s where I found out :smiley: