Infiltrator mod build; now with Ward!

I’ve found this relatively popular build to be quite handy on Zane (rough rider, or to idol, infiltrator mod), but have found the need to modify it. I feel that Zanes greatest strength is his ability to do damage in bursts through the ‘Seein’ Red’ end cap skill or whenever he gets a kill skill. So this build focuses on activating skills rather than extending them.

COM: Bashing Shockwave Infiltrator
+3 in Violent Momentum. Mine has good rolls with a health and mag size increase. This mod empties the shields whenever you activate an action skill, which you tend not to notice if you run Rough Rider, but I run;

Shield: Ward
This has decent capacity, giving more protection when you want it. When you want it empty, the COM strips it. Gives 2% health regen a second, but when depleted, gives 25% bonus gun damage, 80% melee damage (irrelevant), and 4% health regen. Combined with certain skills, this makes for a lot of fast healing.
Additionally, having a shield with a capacity allows for faster cooldown with ‘Adrenaline’, and you still get a gun damage buff when shields are intact with ‘Confident Competence’.

Grenade: your choice, I recommend either a Storm Front or something homing.

Artifact: Otto Idol (last stand)
18% health recovery on kill, and the last stand variant makes me invincible for 5 seconds when I get below 50% health.

Again, your choice. Some I recommend include Brainstormer, L0V3MACHIN3, Laser-Sploder, Kyb’s Worth, Night Hawkin, or anything that benefits from a faster fire rate.
Right now I’m running Brainstormer, Laser Sploder, Kyb’s Worth, and Baby Maker ++.

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Actually, ive used this build quite a bit on zane however my tweak to it is the brawler’s ward which gives 300% melee when depleted and a redundant facepuncher. The cool thing about zanes infiltrator mod is the ability to deplete on demand and if you use both action skills back to back it does a double depleting which causes the depleted buffs to stack. Facepuncher, obviously does melee dmg, but it also scales with weapon dmg buffs. You can get really creative on the artifact but i liked cutpurse white elephant. Just buff melee through mod and artifact and go to town.


The fact that the mod depletes shields is what allows this build to work!

Face puncher is an interesting idea. My ward only has 80% melee buff, so I’d need to get a better one to test a build like that.

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it works on M3, haven’t tried it at M4 yet

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Yea it works great in m4. The only reason i went away from it for now was because i got an extra projectile terror the duc. Its basically zane’s ideal weapon for anything other than certain bosses. But with the facepuncher combo i was melting m4 bosses with ease

Is it?
I have a couple of anointed ones, I could consider using it.

I tried it out and discovered that a Ward with a 180% melee buff isn’t enough XD

Also is it just me or does Face Puncher not work with Zane’s Life Steal skill (in the sntnl tree)? I notice no healing with it.

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i think salvation works only on gun damage, and face puncher doesn’t count as gun damage.


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Yea the 300% is ideal. You also probably want + melee on mod and artifact. As well as redundant facepuncher and white elephant. Specced ideally, it shreds

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