Infiltrator mod

Anybody have any idea as to where I can find the bashing shockwave infiltrator mod? Been farming a lot with no joy so far. Or if anyone has a spare one they don’t want? I’m on Xbox thanks in advance

trying to find one with good perks is very hard as been trying to find one myself as I got 1 (only ever seen 1 drop from like 50+ hours of graveward but perks are horrid on it)

Ever try farming Katagawa Jr?

If I farm him for 8 hours and get anywhere from 50-100 legendary class mods.

All you need is a Transformer shield and a shock recurring hex.

Drop down the shaft chuck a grenade and then turn to you upper right middle and chuck another one. The grenades take out the power boxes he stands on and half the time he dies within 20 seconds once you learn his patterns.

It also helps that I farm in split screen with a level 50 mule to double my pickups.

Getting good rolls for class mods is hard though. 95% of them aren’t worth picking up.

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didn’t think of the ball boss with hex , and shield combo as I do have recurring hex (anointed regen perk and transformer) though mule thing I know of as do it for graveward but never used it for ball boss :stuck_out_tongue: nice idea right there