Infiltrator or Executor for an ASE build?

Seein Red actually works well for an ASE build, which is ironic given that Zane has so many skills that increase ASA uptime. As I’m sure most of you would know, this is because it encourages you to activate action skills repeatedly by activating kill skills. Really speaking, Zane’s kill skills don’t last long enough without Seein Dead to go about it any other way, unless you’re in a highly condensed firefight. This is especially true when fighting bosses that don’t have immediately and consistently spawning adds.

Trouble is that without a way to increase shield recharge delay, even without investing in any shield skills, it’s still hard to keep shields down and survive.

Executor seems good, but I’m honestly not sure if it’s a good choice for an ASE build.

Additionally, is it better to use ASE elemental anointments, or to stick with SNTNL Cryo for weapons?
If so, I may need to get new weapons.

I’d say:
Executor is buffing crit damage and since you’re going for kill skill uptime it might be really good. Depends on how often you can score crits, though. Additionally, you can use:

Stop Gap with ASA break anoint to survive.
That would take the spot of 1 ASE anoint on your shield, though.

I’d use cryo sntnl, for any weapon that is not splash damage and the 200 splash damage ASE for any splash damage weapon.

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ASA stop gap is a nice idea. I’ll have to try it, cheers :smiley:

Both coms have trash boosts anything u do is better with seein dead with exception of ine shot slide shots. If u wanna play without seein dead ripperoni because there is no wining. If u wanna do ase shenanigans infiltrator + nova burner

I get you, but I’d like to experiment a little and try and have some fun.

Id try Clone+Drone or Dome and Clone
With Infiltrator+ Rough Rider, you specc into movespeed and try to drive by- prolly a speedy Nukem Build??

Points are very flexible but something like this?
The problem with ASE Zane is they are just too damn slow. Doppelbanger takes like 3 seconds to pop
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