Infinate AI Resources

As the topic states this post is in regards to the homeworld 2 engine that gives the AI unlimited RU’s in both the single player and the multiplayer.

This was considered one of the major flaws in the homeworld 2 engine as it circumvented fleet building and advanced tactics due to how the AI will start out with a close to perfect counter to your entire fleet. In Homeworld 2 this led to the tactic of melting every ship in your fleet outside of carriers before jumping to the next mission to prevent the AI from exploiting this.

Seeing this in Homeworld 1’s remastered release is, like many other things, a tad on the annoying side. Case in point, after a forty five minute slug fest with what was supposed to be a crippled taiidan fleet, I’d annihilated or stolen everything that was not the carrier. For entertainments sake, I then spent the next hour and a half stealing assault frigate after assault frigate to verify my concerns.

Each assault frigate costs 575 RU’s to build, each takes 60 seconds to build. I was there for 90 minutes and walked away with close to that many assault frigates. The total cost of what the computer controlled carrier output (In only assault frigates, it was also producing interceptors the entire time. They were being blasted as soon as they parked) was 51,750 RU’s.

This also plays out in the multiplayer. The computer does not abide by RU costs, it doesn’t actually need to, and does not need to harvest at all to build. This is more a problem for the remastering of homeworld 1 than it is for 2, in 2 it is unfortunately expected.

I’ve not seen the worst of the worst yet, there had been reports in the older iteration of homeworld 2 of the AI outright skipping through the tech tree, (This was most notable in the mods, complex being a prime example of AI ignoring tech trees) but I’ve yet to witness it pulling that level of shenanigans yet.

I am not terribly familiar with Lua, the programming language used to build the homeworld 2 engine but there are people in the homeworld community who are. It’d be interesting to see if they couldn’t translate some of the restrictions from homeworld 1 and apply them to the computer of 2.

Any additional thoughts would be welcome.