Infinite Ammo Splash Damage Nuke Build (TVHM/Mayhem 3)

Built for The Slaughter Shaft

lemme know what you think!

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Go Some for the Road and find some good heavy weapons. You can start with targeting the Warden in the Anvil for the Freeman, if you haven’t already got some drops from farm. Even Ruby’s Wrath will do

Hive, Jericho, all good, but what you really want to look out for are Anointed +splash for 18 seconds weapons, the buff seems to remain even through weapon switch. Use whatever it takes, even purple and blue if they have it, just to get the buff

So what it will end up being is you, spamming heavy weapons with Iron Bear in tandem, then switching to sustain to cooldown quickly and bomb with Ghost Call grenade spam

Really godly in Shaft M3

On that note, just Ghost Call and Ogre is enough for a lot of work. So, merely pickup a Ghost Call and try it out. It has to be aimed