Infinite Badass Rank

Huh Ok, now I never exploit anything in any game, never have done, never will do. Least of all Borderlands.

But this is strange.

I have encountered a glitch wherein my Badass Rank keeps going up by 5000. I haven’t transferred any saves over from the 360, and I know for a fact that I’m not at 60959 BA Rank in Borderlands 2 on the 360.

This happens every time I save/quit. If anyone has any info that would be welcome.


EDIT: it’s strange because I have started completely from scratch.

Used to be that the “Slag BA challenge” on Xbox 360 was Glitched to where you could get that challenge over and over again and accumulate tons of BA rank before it was patched.

It seems to me that I remember reading awhile back somewhere that, that patch was not working on the new platforms, don’t know if that’s true or not, but its a possibility that can be proven, if you use slag a lot. Try a game not using slag see what happens, compared to a game using slag.


That looks like it could be annoying, sorry to see that it is happening mate. Either way, you’re a veteran player. I’ve heard of such situations, but I’ve never seen one exactly like it. Once you get your BAR to where you hit levels you’re comfortable with (i.e. lets say +20-30% in each category.) Just stop investing. It’ll keep accumulating, but you can just refrain.


Slag-Licked challenge is still messed up for me. The Missus has even prestiged again since she switched platforms, and it didn’t do anything for her. Went right back to being glitched.

We are just planning on stopping once we hit a level we’re comfortable with.

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@LunaticOne, I was in Bloodshot Stronghold in Normal with a lvl18-20 (can’t remember what lvl exactly) Maya, so I don’t think it was the Slag Licked challenge.

@Giuvito, this is exactly what I did. I let it go up to 200,000 (I don’t think I’d have ever got there…let’s say legitimately, although that implies I’d hack or whatever) and used all the tokens it granted me.

After I’d quit the game through the dashboard, it stopped doing it.

What I want to know is there anyway one can do this glitch on the Xbox One? I have heard a million ways to do a Badass glitch on the 360 but I have yet to hear anything on the Xbox One. Does anyone know a way to make this glitch work on the Xbox One, or even a reliable method to get Badass rank super quick on the Xbox One? All thoughts and opinions on this subject please feel free to respond :wink: