Infinite cl4p-tr4p dancing

Games doesn’t load past clap dancing, happened today, play like 12 hours before and now can’t launch the game.

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Same Problem here

aaaaaaa same problem here.
i think its cause DX12 in the ini settings, you can try to change to DX11 but for me its crashing then.

Found a Fix
Go to: My PC-Documents-My Games-Borderlands 3-Saved-Config-WindowsNoEditor.
click CTRL-F Search DX. If youre on DX12 change it back to DX11 and it should work fine after.

It’s dont work!!!
Win7. dx11

most people say a change from win7 to win10 fixed the problem

Today I changed Win10 to Win8 and to win7.
Rummaged all Reddit/google used each method which found. Nothing works.
Unreal Engine The Best.

yeah its same for me… since 2 days i cant play… they just suck!

fixed it by deleting everything that looked not like save game In My games\Borderlands 3 folder