Infinite golden keys bug

I recently started playing Pre Sequel and I ended up with about 30 keys before I started the game. I put in some shift codes and had some freebies from having BL/BL2 saves.

Every time I go to the key collection machine, all my keys are back. They add to my total every time. I’ve only ever played in co-op and only ever by joining someone else’s game. I’m not sure if that’s a factor, but I figured it’s a pretty huge exploit.

I had something like this on ps3 with Bl2. Every time I loaded my character I’d get keys.

Then one day it stoped, probably fixed in an update.

I’m not sure about PC but I know there is a way to glitch infinite keys on ps3 that involves joining someone’s game and using split screen (I think)

Heard some random’s talking about it in a online game