Infinite Golden Keys SHIFT Mails Bug

I’ve used 3 SHIFT codes that were supposed to give me 8 golden keys. After I used them I claimed all available keys in my mail box. However, even after claiming the keys and despite the fact that I haven’t used any other codes, I still receive SHIFT mails with Golden Keys attached to them. This has been happening non-stop and I don’t know what may have caused it and how i can stop it. Thanks.

Are you sure you want it to stop?


That guaranteed gold keys whenever you want, what’s the issue?


The thing is that, at least in my point of view, it makes the game a little bit easier until you reach higher levels, as you can acquire excellent guns in a more regular basis.


The issue is while it’s “all fun and game”. It kinda kill the purpose of looting. It’s a bug that somehow screw the game.

Beside. I’m tired of the constant "this player opened a gold chest " notification.

So thats where all our adopter pack keys went :joy:


I’ve turned all social notification off at beginning of the game, it’s better this way :smiley:


I thought of doing that. Probably should have…
Right now it’s on the annoying side. I guess in a few years it’ll be somewhat fun.

Wait I had to reread this you want this fixed and stopped. Hmm Whhyyy? I want this problem :slight_smile:



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I redeemed shift codes but never received golden key mail in game? The shift site says the codes worked? Anyone know why I’m not getting the mail in game?


When you launch the game and get past the logos to the box art splash screen, hitting the key/button prompted should sign you in to SHIFT - do you see the “Signing in <username> …” text or get any kind of error message there?

Hey there VaultHunter101, do you have any idea of how can I solve this problem of mine? Thanks in advance.

I have absolutely no idea tbh. Did you file a support ticket for this? The only thing I can think to try is unlinking and then relinking your platform account with SHIFT. If you do that, make sure the game is not running at the time.

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Do you mind sharing those shift codes ? I understand why you wouldnt want it, but I would love that opportunity.


I disagree with some of you, if you are going to cheat then why bother playing???
You spend £47 to get it, then to cheat just makes the whole thing boring and pointless.
The fun is always in the challenge!


Yes, I sent a message to Gearbox Support last week but they haven’t answered me yet. I’ll try this other option out to see if it works. Thanks

Sure. I used the Diamond Loot Box Edition codes. All of them are available in IGN’s website.

Moin moin eine Frage wo Kriege ich eventuell die neuen Schlüssel Codes