Infinite Golden Keys SHIFT Mails Bug

Google translate is being even more useless than normal, so I’m really not sure what you’re asking?

Thanks Google… not.

Ich habe mich gefragt wo bekomme ich die neuen Goldenen Schlüssel her damit ich denn auch die goldenen Truhen Aufmachen kann

Google translate must have finished it’s coffee, because it actually made sense that time!

– just scroll down that page a bit and you’ll find a list.

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I haven’t received a single item that I put the codes into.

3 Almost 4 Christmas my home was broken into and my 360 was taken. And all my info from BL 1&2 were on the hard drive.

So I lost all of that hard work.

Now 3 years later something as simple as redemption keys won’t work.

Thinking I should have followed my gut and never buy another video game.

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Did you contact the support desk about this?

Yes I have and a ticket was created close to 2 weeks ago. And still nothing.

I would suggest replying to the ticket and simply requesting an update.

That’s nice cos I never got my golden keys that came with the game. Got mine from the VIP Club tho.
I wouldent worry to much dude this game is so easy at the moe. Its a big bag of Yawn at times. So with loads of of golden keys or none you would still feel no strain or pain from this game, it’s a walk In the park!
Wish they where more mobs and wish they all attacked me more like actualy tried to kill me. They don’t even take cheep shots at me lol

Ever thought of just NOT collecting the extra keys? This certainly does not seem to warrant a “support ticket inquiry.”

Side note: When killing random bad guys and some bosses a golden colored weapon or item pops out. These items most often seem much more powerful than the other colors and I fear they are a glitch that makes the game too easy.

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I got the same problem

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Can you please post or pm me a link? I’ve bought the super deluxe edition but it provides nothing decent, I think I can control myself with a similar bug, every purple and Orange I found until now just sucks in many different ways :rofl:

What’s wrong with you? Lol

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Why would u wanna stop get the best weapons In the game period anytime u want em won’t u mail me some of em bro since ur rolling in em my psn Id is J_roD_2769701359 I’ll pay u for em in cash hit me back

@Jrodmonk844 Integrity of the game I still didnt get my keys but I’m not upset just letting gearbox know the issues so it can be fixed down the line