INFINITE Grenades Zane is back!

So some of you guys might know, in the most recent hotfix, Salvation was patched so that grenades no longer gain life steal. That was the glue that held my first Nade Zane build together. Here’s the first build for reference: Dead Nade Build)

Well, I am proud to announce that Infinite Nade Zane is back! And possibly better than before! There’s two different builds that are both great to run! Today I’ll be showcasing the one with the MOST survivability and will easily clear all 5 rounds in the Slaughter Shaft TVHM Mayhem 3.

This build is awesome because it only actually requires 2 pieces of gear to work properly, the Shield, and the Grenade mod. Of course if you’re running all optimal legendaries, it makes the build run better, but it’s totally a budget build considering you can definitely make it work on the shield and grenade alone.

Here’s the video for a full breakdown and some gameplay:

Game Version: 10/22/2019

Category: Mobbing

Level: 50

Summary: This build throws nades forever and can even shoot RPG’s for an extended amount of time as well! Super fun for those of you who LOVE F*$%ING EXPLOSIONS. Take this build into the slaughter shaft, and you will kill everything.

Video: Demolition Man 2.0 - Full in depth build guide and some gameplay, made by me. Drop a like and a sub if you want to :). I worked hard on this build and video!

Skills: Demo Man 2.0 (skills)

Required Skills: Pocket Full of Grenades, Distributed Denial, Calm Cool and Collected, Refreshment

Just wanted to note: Refreshments totally heals you with your grenades! Because why not :smiley:

Hive - Radiation preferably, super fun to use and just great for theme of build

Rest are completely up to you, here’s what I prefer
Fire Cutsman - Mobs
Fire Linoge - Anointed + Fast kills or FFYL
Corrosive Lucians Call - Just need a corrosive AR, can be anything you prefer, I picked up the lucians call while mobbing, I’m gonna try out the try-bolt soon and see how good it is because I have a class mod with +splash damage

Big Boom Blaster - This is where the build comes together. This + Distributed Denial is absolutely nutty. I have to give a big shout out to a dude named SspyR in the official borderlands discord, he came up with this interaction, and it’s a great one.

Class Mod:
Cold Warrior - Max synchronicity, plus we’re often freezing, so might as well apply some status effects. Used to require shockerator with 2+ points in synchronicity, but between the 3 points we have now, and the booster shield infinitely refilling us, not a requirement at all anymore. Just run anything but the infiltrator tbh

Grenade Mod:
Cryo Recurring Hex - Required - this is your ultimate freezy tool, this will trigger CCC with literally 1 to 2 nades, it’s absolutely necessary and insane.
Ice Breaker - everything is frozen.

Gameplay: YOU WILL FEEL INVINCIBLE. If you LOVE explosions, play this! If not, then don’t! Because you will be constantly barraging everything and everyone, RPG’s won’t be able to touch you because you will ALWAYS have the barrier up. And the boosters will refill you with Rockets and Nades letting you get revenge on Badass Zealots who once LASERED you with RPG’s!

Credit: Like I said earlier, shout out to SspyR for the Big Boom Blaster plus Distributed Denial, the rest came from my last infinite nade build :slight_smile: Join the official borderlands discord for some great build advice!


Cool build, but distributed denial does not work when you pick the barrier up as far as I know, so all the boosters, that are spawning are spawning from your shield getting damaged. So you could practically put the skill point anywhere else.

Picking up the Barrier works fine with Stop-Gap: On Barrier break Zane will be invulnerable for 5 seconds. What should not work are any effects like copied to Zane while standing close to the barrier like RR DR or Transformer’s absorb. Effects copied by the Barrier should work quite well.

Well in the video it looks like he’s just throwing boosters, when his shield is damaged, but maybe I saw that wrong.

I don’t think this is accurate, I played a version of this build without the barrier at first running the same shield and there was not nearly as many boosters everywhere + you should only be dropping boosters when you take damage, but boosters drop when the barrier gets an rpg tossed at it.

also lol, you gotta realize those are just random clips, I was playing this build for hours before I perfected it, and posted about it.

The videos are doing a good job showcasing the interaction between distributed denial and bbb, the rest of the build doesn’t matter at all. But again, maybe I missed something, which could easily be the case paying attention to two things at the same time.
I saw it now :+1:t3:
To have something constructive to say:
1.have you tried running around with jerichos alt fire mode?
2. I think executor cmod with as much as possible in playing dirty would do more than the cold warrior

No, have not tried jeroicho’s alt mode lol I might have to, I just liked the hive because it’s a cool weapon you can hear I say in the video it’s totally not required lol.
With the class mod - usually I really like executor when I already have points in playing dirty. If you can get 3 points in playing dirty, plus 5 from skills, and seein red, it’s 100% chance to do the extra projectiles. The cold warrioir class mod is honestly underrated, mine had 4 points meaning it gives me 16% damage per action skill(im only using one obviously), and my action skill is always up. So the executor is also actually out damaging with the +25% crit bonus, but I just figured I’m not really aiming for heads all the time, the hive is dealing damage from far away and I’m just looking to toss nades, then clean up.
Basically anytime I run sentinel/barrier, executor is my go to lol.
Anyways, sorry for the huge run on sentence, it was more of a rant than a reply lol

Yah cold warrior does sound nice, if the dot would scale of your cryo efficiency or something, but I don’t think it does.
My train of thought with the executor in this build would be, that it increases cryo efficiency after kill (status effect chance) and I remember reading somewhere that status effect damage might buff cryo dmg directly due to not having a dot on its own, even if not that would buff all elemental weapons you use including hive, cutsman a.s.o.
Additionally playing dirty is really “non death follows close friendly” since it just stays active until you shoot, if it procs.
So if you see the “5” pop up you just switch to rockets and go ham.

Actually that is an interesting idea with the executor, i still do just think with this build the status effect chance doesnt matter, since 2 hex nades will freeze anyone everytime. The damage could help, I’d have to see some dataminer find out how much it buffs damage there. And I believe playing dirty works fine with death follows close, it’s not a timed kill skill so that doesn’t matter, but it does +the percentage of getting the extra projectile, at least it says it does in the skill tree. Additionally, playing dirty doesn’t really work with the hive from what I noticed, I could see it working with the jericoho or a scourge potentially, might be worth testing tbh, definitely interesting.

That’s what I meant with “non dfc” friendly. It does not need the extra 7 seconds from dfc because its stays until you shoot 5 times.

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Tried the build like it from initial testing but I might alter and go heavy into blue tree vs red. I don’t think the grenade regen is needed potentially and would rather have some of the kill skills in blue like reload speed since rockets don’t regen like Moze in the mag.

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well you dont have infinite rpg, but if you make sure to collect boosters those give you rocket ammo, and do it and let me know! I did notice at first like I said 6 points in pocket of nades way more than enough, I think I like where it is at 3, because sometimes I feel like you do want to naturally regenerate nades, but I can see less working because BBB does drop a ton, especially with the cap stone. One option of this build I definitely saw possible, was going into the drone tree, but wearing the Shockerator class mod with some points in nade regen.

Yeah it may be just play style difference since I honestly was never close to being at 0 with grenades and was still using Maggie heavily in between Scourge/Hive. Plus I was running executor since mine rolled with heavy damage and do want to try playing dirty a bit since I tend to favor Scourges over Hive. I might go farm for that one that alternates elements too. Run Maggie and 3 rocket launchers with Cold Bore.

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the maggie in general is a great gun, i found one recently with sentinel anointment for 50% bonus cryo damage! But seriously, let me know if you can keep up the grenade chucking with 0 points in pocket full of nades, I’m definitely interested in that info

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You can achieve infinite nades with just Pocket Full of Grenades and DFC with Seeing Red. If you do Blue/Red with clone everytime you summon the clone (every 5-10s) you will be regenerating between

7% (per level) x 3 (/3) = 21% x .25 (DFC)= 5.25 so that’s ~26.25% of a grenade every second. With PFG at 5/3 that’s 7% x 5 =35% x .25 = 8.75 + 35 = 47.7% of a grenade every second for 12 seconds every 5-10 seconds.

Basically infinite grenades. Boom Blaster is good for rocket ammo, but there’s a more niche trick to get infinite ammo in any gun as Zane.

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Yes, you can see my original infinite grenade zane build on my channel, however that build survived because of the skill “salvation” - healed you based on damage your grenades dealt. This basically made you invincible because of how much damage you were constantly dealing by having 4-8 hex nades out at almost all times. In the most recent hotfix, they said salvation was bugged and should not heal you for grenade damage. That build without some form of protection, or life steal is not actually viable to play with in slaughter shaft on mayhem 3 for example.
So this build aimed to solve that problem, the big boom blaster actually adds consistency to your shields always being full + makes it so you don’t have to a suboptimal class mod just to boost points in pocket full of nades.
Here’s my original nade build for reference -
P.S if you drop a follow on the youtube, I’m always up to date with the most current Zane info ;), and am posting often.

Anyone have an extra recurring ice hex on Xbox? I have not had any luck getting one. Even farmed the red jabber least week but no luck.

My gamer tag is Killgrow .